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Our PPC technology has been driving growth for over a decade.

Push have led the pack in PPC technology for more than a decade. This gives our clients a cost advantage allowing our team to focus on creative strategies whilst our tech works in the background to uncover the winning formulas to success. Our technology , known as Adinvestor combines knowledge across key platforms including Google, Meta, Microsoft, Tiktok and much more.

Between 2010 and 2016 we developed hundreds of scripts which lead to the Push Analyser to help optimise Google Ads. The insight we gained sped up our analysis and gave us more time to work on. customer accounts.

For higher operational efficiency we know that more automation and machine learning will lead to better results for our customers.

AdInvestor screen

the mission

We know Google, Bing and Facebook machine learning capabilities go beyond what we can see and do in the platforms, so we started thinking of how we can we build on top of the overwhelming complexity of data aggregation to allow us to see where to invest marketing budget for our customers and merge data across platforms to help drive healthy ROIs.

We are proud to launch AdInvestor. Our new advertising platform to take control of your advertising. This is an easy to use platform that helps businesses identify where to invest ad spend, monitor budgets, complete account audit check, provide real-time performance metrics, control click fraud and perform competitor analysis.

Our goals

Our goal is to shape the future PPC marketing for businesses and to maximise ROI significantly with our flagship AI platform.

We want to give more control to those managing ad campaigns without increasing management time – Reducing time-consuming tasks like; account set up, budget management & control, click tracking across multiple platforms and other activities allow for more time to focus on the strategies on the platforms for business growth.

AdInvestor screen
Jasleen - MD AdInvestor


AdInvestor MD says:

“Watch out new features like account health scores, predictive negative keyword suggestions, and Facebook integrations.

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