Case study
Pharmaceutical Brand Achieves 464% Increase in Revenue & 500% ROAS MoM, on Amazon

Pharmaceutical Brand Achieves 464% Increase in Revenue & 500% ROAS MoM, on Amazon

Our customer offers an array of clinically-tested dry mouth solutions directly to consumers.

Their product range includes innovative sprays and gels, alcohol-free mouth rinses, specially formulated toothpastes and bespoke toothbrushes. Their mission is to provide long-lasting relief and enhance oral health for individuals and healthcare professionals alike.

Following a successful 6-month period of great results across Google & Bing, the customer trusted Push to grow it’s Amazon sales.


The challenges

  • The company was seeking to improve its overall profitability.
  • Despite achieving a high ROAS, year-on-year profitability was not good.

The approach

  • We introduced Sponsored Product campaigns for both brand and specific products
  • We implemented a mixture of automated and manual product-specific campaigns with brand campaigns targeting each product.
  • We ensured that the automatic campaigns’ search query reports did not include unrelated terms, competitor names, or irrelevant products.
  • Initiated a Sponsored Brand campaign, directing ad traffic to an Amazon-generated store, resulting in over 100 orders.
  • Launched a Sponsored Display campaign, adjusting bids to avoid overspending and targeting audiences interested in similar products.
  • We focused our sponsored ads on their three-pack products, which are their most profitable items.
  • We increased our spending on ads, aiming to maintain a consistent and profitable return on ad spend.

The results

  • Increased revenue by 464%
  • Maintained a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 500%
  • 5X orders

* all results are month on month figures


In just a couple of months, we have seen exceptional growth in ROAS hitting over 500% in the second month doubling our target! 

Pharmaceutical Brand