Case study
How we increased ROAS by 38% and reduced CPA by 23% with Meta Advantage+

How we increased ROAS by 38% and reduced CPA by 23% with Meta Advantage+

Our customer is a luxury timepiece brand that takes great pride in crafting sophisticated and elegantly designed watches. They are passionate about offering exceptional quality at an affordable price, making luxury watches accessible to a wider audience.


The challenge

  • Our customer needed to improve its profitability and increase Meta advertising efficiency in particular.

The approach

Account consolidation & audience expansion
  • Simplified the account by reducing the number of campaigns and audience groups.
  • Combined retargeting audiences and targeted a wider audience rather than separate interest groups.
  • Adopted a global top-of-funnel/ prospecting campaign alongside the key market campaigns to ensure a source of low-cost traffic.

Creative testing
  • Conducted extensive creative testing to find the effective ad formats, messaging and creative style.
  • The greater the number of successful ads we had, the more effective and long-lasting the account became.
  • Through creative testing, we found the hero products that significantly improved conversion rates.

Advantage+ shopping campaign
  • Tested Advantage+ shopping campaign with the winning ads for the hero products.
  • In 2 months, it became more efficient than our key conversion campaign.
  • In 3 months, it became the key performance driver for the account.

Product-driven Advantage+ structure
  • Due to rapid growth, we encountered product stock challenges and the risk of heavily relying on a few hero products.
  • We also acknowledge the different target markets that each of our product collections appeals to.
  • So we now have 1 Advantage+ shopping campaign for each key product collection.

The results

  • Increased ROAS by 38.19%
  • Decreased CPA by 23.23%
  • Scaled Meta ad spend by 83.56%
  • The customers business revenue growth year on year skyrocketed.


TikTok has followed this innovation and introduced Smart Performance Campaign, which we have also seen great initial success. This clearly shows us the future of social media advertising – consolidation, simplicity and end-user-centric.