Case study
How We Turbocharged Auction Sign-Ups: A 3000% Boost for Copart Middle East

How We Turbocharged Auction Sign-Ups: A 3000% Boost for Copart Middle East


Copart Middle East is a pioneering and forward-thinking enterprise that excels in hosting fully online car auctions, featuring an array of used, wholesale, and salvage vehicles.

With a strong emphasis on user engagement and member satisfaction, Copart Middle East delivers services that are not just effective, but also customer-oriented and easy to navigate.

The company is dedicated to providing superior customer support and making certain that each auction meets the utmost standards of transparency, fairness, and value.

The challenges

  • The customer was struggling to generate a decent number of registrations on a monthly basis.
  • The customer also struggled to convert registrations to paying memberships.


The approach

  • We supported this customer with a multi-channel approach strategy through awareness, traffic, lead generation and conversions campaigns.
  • We focused on quality over quantity results in order to increase the conversion rate from registrations to memberships.
  • Our strategy began with top-of-funnel campaigns, supplemented by extensive creative and messaging testing, to ensure a high-intent audience with a clear understanding of our service.
  • Through mid-funnel campaigns and focused retargeting, we differentiated between one-time and frequent buyers, prompting the latter towards paid memberships.

The results

  • Registrations increased by over 3376% in only 2 years.
  • Customer revenue has increased by over 50%.
  • Our approach to generate quality over quantity showed in increase in paid membership and also member retention year on year.



Thanks to their efforts, we’ve seen a surge in our membership revenue. Push’s focus on results and comprehensive understanding of our audience have greatly informed our strategies.

Hussain Elaskari