Case study
How To Help Change Lives Through Display Advertising

How To Help Change Lives Through Display Advertising

Hidden Hearing offers a complete lifetime hearing care service, from consultation and supply to aftercare and maintenance. They strive to provide the highest standard of care to each and every one of their customers, which is why we stand out from the crowd.

They have a 10 step process which they label the Hidden Hearing Experience, which covers – Problem recognition, book test, appointment day, hearing test, share results, advice, hearing aid selection, fitting, aftercare, check up.

The challenge

  • Reduce CPA excluding brand activity.
  • Look at new channels that did not include remarketing to existing users.
  • Increase enquiries by 20% YoY.
  • Utilise display innovation to discover new customers who otherwise wouldn’t know about Hidden Hearing and how they can change their lives.

The approach


  • Innovation – Look at new ways to utilise AdWords to increase value and reach.
  • Native utilisation – Decreasing CPA through native and display.
  • Our innovative landing pages – Utilise landing page content rather than driving to the main site due to poor user experience.


  • Reviewed audience data from search where we were seeing good quality conversions and leads.
  • Reviewed the top performing placements of remarketing activity to better understand user behaviour and the content they are viewing when browsing.
  • Created a native campaign targeting over 55+ only. This heavily restricted the reach we were looking for. We then looked at bespoke placements but found available inventory was limited.
  • We then focused on news as the key interest segment to target. This allowed us to gain the reach we desired to fulfil customer needs.

The results

  • This approach saw the volume of leads exceed the 1,000 mark.
  • There was a 64% uplift in spend with a 386% uplift in conversions.
  • This also resulted in a decreased cost per lead. This exceeded all expectations.
  • Conversion rate from inquiry to booking also increased by 22%.

How we further optimised

With the improvements, we saw we wanted to see if we could bring the CPA down even further to increase investment and ROI. We ran a small “programmatic” test with 12 images and 12 different text combinations. This then allowed us to understand the differences in engagement based on the native ad formats.

This was interesting as the results were massively different depending on the images and text we would use for display responsive ads, as the next slides show. By testing and focusing on the best results we kept improving our optimisation.

  • This resulted in a decreased CPA.
  • In addition, bespoke bidding on placements, which were focused on local publications, further increased cost efficiencies in the account helping to bring down the CPA
  • This then enabled us to test a smart display campaign to see if we could duplicate the results. Essentially increasing the digital budget for 2018/19.

In the face of rising lead costs from PPC, and having used other native platforms for several months, we tasked Push to launch us on Google GDN in January. The early indications were positive, generating leads at an attractive lead cost. With testing, managing device distribution and publisher targeting Push were able to grow volumes about 60% in two months. The quality of leads has been acceptable and still delivers a better ROI than other marketing channels.

Brett Perryman