Case study
Push provides digital marketing consultancy for Taghleef Industries

Push provides digital marketing consultancy for Taghleef Industries

We love nothing more than hearing from our customers, especially when they share amazing testimonials like this one from the team at Taghleef Industries.

Why did you choose to work with Push?

I met Steve Hyde, Push’s CEO, at one of the marketing conferences I attended in Dubai; and he happened to be a speaker at one of the sessions. I was impressed by his talk and how he highlighted the differences between how marketing was back then and how it is now.

He discussed why it’s essential, not just for B2B companies to go to digital, but just about any type of company, whether big or small or in B2B to really be present online.

So I feel like digital is now and it’s the future and if we wanted to invest in it, we wanted to make sure that we have the right partner and experts along with us on this journey.

It also doesn’t hurt that Push is an award-winning agency and has offices in Dubai and in the UK, which for a global company, like Tahgleef, it was important to have somebody we can work with with our global teams and in different time zones.

What were the results that you achieved with Push?

I was part of the audience that attended the training sessions that were organised for our employees on digital marketing earlier this year.

I must say that I liked the approach where the Push team explained the various topics with presentations and clear examples.

I think that they gave us a wide perspective on digital marketing tools and strategies, including, for example, tools like Google ads that we have never used or considered before.

Moreover, I think that the support from Push helped us involve our colleagues from other departments who are now more confident and active, especially on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Why did you choose to use a digital marketing agency to support your business growth?

What we were looking for is for a professional company, like Push, to support us in developing strategies for communication in digital, which is very important for us.

If someone asked you “should I work with Push?” what would you tell them?

I would tell them “Push for it”.

Push is a great team and they are very, very knowledgeable. I feel like you guys have been very helpful, especially with answering questions about things we were not very knowledgeable with, especially with current trends. What can we do with our website? How should we approach our digital marketing strategy?

You guys were so open about answering and anytime that we came to you with a question, we got responses in real-time. That’s why you guys should work with Push!

If you’ve liked what you’ve read and would our help, please get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.

We aligned on well over 20+ digital workshops with their International teams across Paid, Owned & Earned media and defined B2B approaches for a renowned company such as Taghleef. We’re very pleased to now have Taghleef Industries as a client of Push and to be able to continue accelerating their growth online.