Digital Innovation Acceleration Lab

The Digital Innovation Acceleration Lab (DIAL) is our rapid experimentation, research and development hub. It is where our uniquely experienced team test and experiment with the latest AI technologies and campaign types to deliver new and innovative marketing solutions.

DIAL is also where we integrate the latest innovations from our channel partners (Google, Microsoft, Meta and TikTok) ensuring that our research is always at the cutting edge of digital marketing.

DIAL’s output is innovation - we use insights from the lab to innovate both our products and technology. Introducing new services such as Performance Creative and adding new AI functions like our DIALbot our Virtual Training Assistant.

The best ideas get market tested as part of our Emerging Channels work. It’s this dynamic feedback between research and operations that allows us to stay at the frontier of the digital world, continuously pushing boundaries and unlocking new possibilities.

DIAL also pulls together all our latest discoveries and techniques for our Training and Consultancy teams.

DIAL™ innovates by bringing everything into one place

AI Technology

Our AI team is always scanning the globe to identify innovative technology that is being released. They stay ahead of the game so that you don’t have to, constantly testing and assessing the most promising new tech to separate disruption from distraction.The role of the AI tech R&D is to advance campaign management by replacing people where they’re not needed, so their creativity can be used elsewhere. These opportunities change every day, but we stay across them.

Channel Partners

We get access to beta technology through industry giants like Google and Meta and explore these new launches to see how they could help you excel.

Agency R&D

DIAL works alongside the ops team to combine real world experience with innovation. This helps to inform new channel innovation such as TIkTok ads and Performance Creative.

DIAL™ delivers

training & consultancy

Updating our Consultancy Teams and training syllabuses with all the latest ideas and insights from the marketing industry.


Push is an AI accelerated marketing transformation partner and so we are always adding to our AI portfolio. Sometimes an AI tool can work across several channels and then we build it into DIAL360.


Ensuring our whole team 
is leveraging the latest channels, tech and tactics to make sure our clients' campaigns deliver impact.