Case study
How we used TikTok to reduce CPA and drive sign-ups using creative targeting

How we used TikTok to reduce CPA and drive sign-ups using creative targeting

Our customer is a UK independent digital marketing company with 10 years of experience in developing and advertising online dating solutions for different markets targeting a wide variety of segments.

With scale the key driver and at the heart of most decisions, the focus is always on what else can we do to drive sign ups at a target CPA.


The challenges

  • Strict low CPA targets
  • Difficult to pre qualify and target ads to the right page/audience as range of dating preferences is huge
  • Rising costs on Google and Bing

The approach

  • Tested running ads on TikTok with targeted creative to pre-qualify potential users. E.g. opening ads with messages like – Dating for Mums and Dads target over 40s
  • Using bespoke landing pages for each demographic is essential and pages were adjusted to match the targeting options available on the platform. TikTok doesn’t have huge amount of targeting options, so age was the key
  • Testing more than 1 creative and having constant creative refreshes was the game changer. Having up to 6 versions running at one time helped quickly reduce CPA and focus on whats working

The results

  • Using TikTok, we managed to reduce their CPA by 32.8%
  • TikTok contributed for 9,000+ incremental registrations since its launch
  • Over 110 premium memberships (actual sales) recorded so far for £5,000+ in revenue


On TikTok we created marketing strategies and campaigns that ensured coverage is diversified in a way that reduced the risk of encountering account suspensions while maintaining CPA at healthy levels.