TikTok Trends: Our take on what's hot

TikTok Trends: Our take on what's hot

November 10, 2022
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Hi, I’m Shannon, the content creator here at Push. We’ve had so many requests from you all to share our weekly recap of TikTok! Those who ask….will get. Welcome to Push’s TikTok trends: Our take on what’s hot.

It’s me hi, I’m the problem it’s me

Miss T-Swift has taken over TikTok with all of her soundtracks from her new album “Midnights”. Here is one of our favourite examples of her songs as a new trend.

With almost 200,000 uses of the sound, why not jump on board now with it by making a video confessing something you are guilty of doing or creating a habit of to this lovely little, highly performing sound!


I can’t go anywhere with those puppy eyes 🥺 #dogsoftiktok #cutedogs #puppyeyes

♬ Anti-Hero – Taylor Swift


Show me your camera roll

This simple trend is used to show your favourite or funniest moments inside your camera roll. With 150,000 uses why not get your business involved by sneaking in some of your own products or services to the photos!!


Do ur worst 😂 #fypシ

♬ оригінальний звук – Viktoriaa🌸


Our recognised top performing account

@itsvanesem – Vanese Maddix is a full time beauty journalist who has recently seen her success’ pay off with Instagram giving her page an official blue tick verification. More recently, her journey on TikTok has grown with her review of the Dyson experience on black female hair, receiving just short of 30,000 views.

Her bubbly personality, open review and representation for black hair using a Dyson product has earned her spot as this weeks recognised top performing account! We cannot wait to see her next beauty reviews.

@itsvanesem I found an open slot at the @Dyson Hair demo store in London and the results are even more amazing on my 4c afro hair 😍😍 £35 for this magic! #dyson #dysoncorrale #hairtok #dysonairwrap ♬ original sound – Vanese


Campaigns that are hot right now

Burberry: Stories with Strangers

Burberry’’s most recent campaign has focused on a strategy that is often seen used successfully on TikTok; street interviews. The campaign has struck at all of our heart strings with the moving stories people have shared for the campaign.

By stopping people on the street and asking them questions such as ‘’what is one thing you wish you told someone’’, in which people often open up about their first loves. How is it related to their brand?

@burberry Jasroop | Stories from a stranger, a collaboration with @hunterprosper #Burberry ♬ where is my mind – jewel :*

Well, its success as being run as organic and ad content has brought huge success to brand awareness with millions of views and likes across the campaign.

It is sparking conversation around other peoples experiences and reminiscing over their special moments from their past, bringing together a community. And what a better time to spark a conversation than towards Christmas, a time for re-connecting and spending time with loved ones.


Seasonality: Christmas Ads

With Halloween making its swift exit and Christmas fast approaching, the most exciting time of the year for us marketing experts is here….CHRISTMAS ADS!

So far we have seen the likes of Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco release their ADS that are much awaited by the British public for 2022. As expected, TikTok has gone crazy awaiting each release, keen to review every aspect of each brands creativity.

Our favourite so far, ASDA. ASDA have completely gone above and beyond all expectations this season with their collaboration with the classic Christmas film; ELF. It appears that some clever CGI has taken clips of Will Ferrel from the film and merged them into some in-store scenes of staff preparing for Christmas.

@asda Would someone please take the tannoy microphone away from this giant Elf!? #Asda #AsdaChristmas2022 #SpreadingChristmasCheer #ElfMovie ♬ original sound – Asda


Well, I really hope you’ve enjoyed our quick overview of what I’m seeing right now all over TikTok.

Before you go….why not join our free TikTok wellness webinar on the 24th November 2022, we would love to have you there.


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