How to grow your business this Valentine’s Day

How to grow your business this Valentine’s Day

February 3, 2023

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many businesses will be preparing to implement effective marketing strategies to use the buzz around this holiday to their advantage.

This is because Valentine’s Day is a big opportunity to drive your revenue up, even with many trying to minimise their spending due to global inflation. The view around Valentine’s remains optimistic, with Forbes predicting that people will spend $25.9 billion, up 8% over last year.

Furthermore, Valentine’s Day is about so much more than just couples. Some are celebrating with their friends and families, while others use this day to appreciate their own selves, which creates multiple opportunities for your brand’s appeal and drive the sales up.

If you want to find out how to increase your brand’s chances of succeeding this Valentine’s Day keep on reading.


1. Create a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day being in such close proximity to Christmas, shoppers may find it hard to come up with new gift ideas. This is where you and your brand come in! Create a Valentine’s Day gift guide which will help your customers decide what to buy for their loved ones.

Make sure you include ideas for everyone, whether they’re buying for their other half, a friend, a family member or are looking for a reason to shower themselves with a lovely Valentine’s Day treat. A great way to give your customers gifting ideas is by creating a guide with different price ranges. That way, you can make sure that everyone can find something they like, no matter their budget.

Offer your gift guides through your landing page, email newsletters, popup ads, and your social media channels! People constantly look for inspiration and it shows your brand in a positive light when you come to the rescue of confused shoppers!


2. Offer Valentine’s Day Themed Discounts

As a business owner, you should try and use the Valentine’s Day love to your advantage. Try to think about how you can attract customers to shop more. Maybe you can offer them a complimentary gift or free shipping if they spend over a certain amount? Or they will be able to add a customised note to their purchase for free?

You can also think of couples-themed promotions that will attract those that already have a second half. Some of the simple campaigns include:

  • Two for One discounts
  • Couple Discounts
  • Buy One, Get One Deals

Make sure you advertise your offers. Use your social media channels, email lists, as well as eye-catching pop-up banners on your website to attract customers. It’s important to give your website and social media a Valentine’s Day makeover – whether it’s changing the colours to pink and red or adding a few hearts on your website, make sure people know you’re also celebrating Valentine’s Day!


3. Don’t Forget the Singles!

While Valentine’s Day used to be predominantly about couples, it is no longer that way! It is essential for your brand to acknowledge those who don’t have a partner during this holiday and show them that there is nothing wrong with being single!

You can throw in a special sale for singles to show them they are also appreciated on the day. That way, you will make sure your brand is seen as inclusive of everyone, no matter their relationship status.


4. Be Clear About Your Delivery Dates

No one wants to end up without a gift for their other half on Valentine’s Day. It can be a stressful time for a lot of people, especially when they don’t know if their present is going to arrive on time. You can help them by including delivery dates when they checkout or letting them know when they need to order by to guarantee a delivery for Valentine’s.

Make sure your delivery dates and last days to order are included in your email newsletter and on your social media. That way, you will be sure that all your customers know the deadline and are clear on when they need to order by. Everyone loves a business that can offer fast and reliable deliveries.

Make sure you don’t forget about last-minute shoppers. We all know someone who always forgets about a Valentine’s Day gift for their partner, so why not create a special campaign, just for them? Send out last-minute order emails to your subscribers and make sure to add a social media post informing your followers about the final day for orders to ensure if they forgetful ones can get a present for their sweetheart.

You can easily earn people’s loyalty and improve your brand’s image by being there for them when they need it!


5. Encourage People To Share Their Love Stories

Valentine’s Day is about spreading love and gratitude for those who mean the most to you. People love to share stories about their loved ones, so use your social media channels to encourage them to spread the love.

You can also create love-themed polls for their best romantic experiences or simply encourage them to share how they met their partners. Throwing in a prize is never a bad idea – people love to participate in giveaways and competitions and an additional discount or a freebie can help with generating more engagement!


In conclusion

Remember that Valentine’s isn’t just about fairytale romance. It’s not a bad idea to share a laugh with your customers by encouraging them to tell their awful date experiences or send a photo of the worst Valentine’s Day gifts they’ve sent or received. By sharing a laugh with your audience, you can ensure your brand appears more approachable and increase your chances of getting more sales!

Marketing on Valentine’s Day can seem overwhelming, but these 5 tips should make it easier for you to plan and execute a successful campaign in the season of love!


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