Google's Virtual Try-On (VTO): Revolutionising Online Retail

Google's Virtual Try-On (VTO): Revolutionising Online Retail

Nemash Patel
Marketing Strategist
August 1, 2023

The retail marketing sector is on the verge of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution. A key pioneer of this change is Google, who is merging technology and marketing intelligence to redefine shopping convenience and personalisation.

Reinventing Online Shopping with Virtual Try-On

The tech giant’s innovative feature, Virtual Try-On (VTO), is one of the initial steps in this AI-fuelled retail transformation. VTO revolutionises the conventional online shopping experience by providing customers the opportunity to virtually “try on” clothes.

It facilitates this process on diverse models, representing various body shapes and sizes, all from the comfort of their homes.


Bringing Realism to Virtual Retail

The uniqueness of VTO lies in its ability to replicate the real-life experience of trying on clothes. It achieves this by accurately simulating fabric behaviours such as draping, folding, stretching, and wrinkling, thereby adding a dimension of realism that online retail has lacked until now.

VTO is driven by Google’s AI, which uses two images, one of the model and the other of the product. The AI deconstructs these images and creates a new version showcasing the model wearing the product.

Image from TryOnDiffusion: A Tale of Two UNets

The mass adoption of Google’s VTO has the potential to bring about a significant change in retail sales data and customer engagement. This AI intervention is merely the start of a larger transformation in the retail industry.

The essence of this technology goes beyond merely providing a virtual fitting room experience.


The Future of AI in Online Shopping

The introduction of AI in retail marketing, marked by developments like Google’s VTO, is signalling the beginning of a more personalised and streamlined shopping experience. It suggests a future where AI could become an integral part of retail marketing strategies.

It’s a revolution that’s not just changing the way we shop but also how we understand and cater to customer needs. The possibilities for both consumers and marketers are expanding, promising a transformative and exciting future for online retail.

How is your business using AI to meet and improve your customers experience?



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