eCommerce Customer Testimonial: Mo Bros

eCommerce Customer Testimonial: Mo Bros

September 21, 2021

We love nothing more than hearing from our customers, especially when they share amazing testimonials like this one from Lee Thomas, eCommerce Manager for Mo Bros, a Leicester based grooming company of Dragon’s Den fame.

Why did you choose a digital marketing agency to support your growth?

Businesses are good at what they do, but they can’t be experts in all of the many fields within eCommerce and digital marketing.

Mo Bros needed an external skill set to bolt onto our business, which would then allow us as a team to focus on those areas that we are experts in.

Having an external agency meant that we could hit the ground running, utilising their skills and their systems immediately rather than employing someone internally and having to go through that learning phase, which could have taken some time.

Why did you choose to work with Push?

From our research phase, we saw that Push are a Premium Partner with Google, and it was clear when we met the CEO at an expo, that the Push team were industry experts. They were dominant in the field and they made us feel that they would be an extension to the overall family.

For us at the Mo Bros being a small company, having a good relationship with an agency is just as important as technical abilities.

What solutions (if any) did you try before working with Push?

We initially started internally, trying to do it ourselves, but it was clear that we just didn’t have the skillset or resources to run the channel successfully. We then used another agency, but to be honest, we just felt as if we were drowning in reports. We felt the actions that the other agency were doing was just a checklist that they were going through.

And I kind of guess we didn’t have the relationship with them that we expected. What we really needed was a partner that was going to take an active part in growing our business and driving it forward.

What were some of the struggles and pain points you faced before working with Push?

Well, before working with Push, aside from trying to find a suitable agency, we really didn’t know what we wanted from PPC. We didn’t have any clear KPIs and milestones that we needed as a kind of relatively new business. We didn’t know what the best strategy was, which keywords to use, what our competitors were doing.

What Push did was help us define our KPIs and our strategy for PPC. And they also provided a level of accountability through weekly calls.  Focusing on what we wanted as a business, rather than being a kind of data-driven results call.

What do you love about working with Push and what makes us different?

I think what makes Push different compared to other agencies we have used in the past is the relationship we have with our account manager. Whilst obviously not available 24/7. I know that if I have a problem. I can send a message to Jay, either via email or on the Trello board, and I know a reply or call would come in within a reasonable time period.

Our weekly calls are an opportunity for us to collaborate on what our actions are going to be for the forthcoming month or for the quarter, rather than just having a kind of pure results-driven call. Jay asks questions that have driven us to think more about our strategy and campaigns in other channels of the business as well.

Push understand that not all business owners are data analysts; and we love the fact that the AdInvestor tool is such a visual front end, that it helps us to understand the data more clearly and just helps us to make better decisions.

Of course, the fact that Push is a Google Premium Partner helps us a lot and allows us to get answers to problems that we perhaps wouldn’t have been able to do with other agencies and certainly wouldn’t have been able to do it internally.  In fact, it kind of feels that, that we are partnered with Google ourselves.

What were the results that you achieved with Push?

Whilst return on ad spend isn’t the be-all and end-all in terms of KPIs. The fact that we are now making more revenue than with the previous agency is a winner.  Our return on ad spend is up from 250% up to 400%.

Also since the beginning with Push, in 2018, our paid channels increased from 30% of the total revenue to 60% without actually affecting the turn or normal of the other channels.  It has been pure growth. Also, I believe that the strategy we have in place with Push has kept us ahead of our competitors in terms of acquiring new customers through different bidding strategies, specific keywords, and by having specific seasonal ads.

How are the results you have achieved making things better for you and your company?

The Mo Bros is in a niche market, as you can imagine, being grooming, which believe it or not is quite saturated with competitors, which makes our paid channel critical in competing with them. The fact that we’ve been successful means that our business is growing. The strange result that’s come out of this, is that we also used to sell hundreds of SKUs, lots of different products, and all different price points.

Working with Push, we’ve been able to understand the results, the return on ad spend and our cost per conversion. Also by plugging in our profit margins has actually made us focus our SKU range on those products with a larger margin.

This has also benefited us across all the channels where we can focus on promoting these more profitable products, rather than the larger range.  As a result, our average order value has increased by £4 since working with Push, which for a small business such as ourselves is quite critical to growth.

If someone asked you “should I work with Push?”, what would you tell them?

What I would say is if you can find another agency that is a Premium Partner with Google, Facebook, Microsoft. If you could find another agency that has proven results and the awards to prove it.  If you could find another agency that challenges you to really understand your business, your customers, your competitors and your products.

And if you can find an agency that feels like an extension to your business family, then good luck. The question I would ask is why wouldn’t you choose to work with Push.

If you’ve liked what you’ve read and would our help to grow your eCommerce business, please get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.

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