Boost Your Online Growth With Price Extensions

Boost Your Online Growth With Price Extensions

May 28, 2019
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I am a big fan of running and have been known to miss the odd Push social event due to a half marathon so I do buy quite a lot of running shoes.

I always buy in a retail shop and quite often there aren’t price stickers on the shoes so it always adds to the time and effort in buying and trying to find the staff to help. This is the struggle that many customers face online. Whether it’s clicking multiple pages or watching ads, they must search through multiple pages & obstacles to find the right product at the right price.

Google solves that problem with one click by offering price extensions.

What are Price Extensions?

Price Extensions are extra snippets of information about your products or services that can be added to your Google Ads. They initially beta-tested in English USD, but are now publicly available to all advertisers in 24 languages and currencies.

Price Extensions bring your business offerings to the surface of the page and even provide links that take a user directly to your product, reducing the amount of friction between discovery and conversion.

Mobile price extensions also help you dominate screen real-estate when used with other ad extensions. Price extensions can be used in conjunction with other ad extensions. Mobile extensions take up most of the screen, especially when call and callout extensions are utilised. Having a carousel provides context and all necessary product information without forcing the user to scroll further down the page.

Benefits of Price Extensions

  • Improve Quality Score – Extensions improve ad performance and play a large factor in improving Quality Score, which in turn lowers your CPCs.
  • Transparent Pricing – Provides Customers know all product and service pricing information immediately
  • Maximize Value – Showcases up to 5 products and services all at once
  • Seamless Set Up – Extensions can be set up easily in one central location
  • Dynamic – Flexibly adjust your pricing according to your seasons or cycles
  • Free Real Estate: Ads with extensions occupy more space and push down your competitors ads

The Results Are Amazing!

When price extensions show alongside mobile ads, on average we have seen a 75.10% increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR). To put that amazing increase into perspective, here is a list of some CTR% increases from other ad extensions:


If you have price extensions showing on mobile, your ad will take up 80+% of the users mobile screen!

If you are a business that is competing on price amongst your competitors then you will want to show your most affordable service or product first. Price extensions work well for high-value services & products as well, as long as prices are relatively competitive.

How much do Price Extensions cost?

Ad extensions are completely free! The cost of an ad with a Price Extension is the same as an ad without one. Like all other Search Ads, advertisers are charged when the ad is clicked. Google will not charge for more than two clicks per impression.

Types of Price Extensions

A few examples of using price extensions are:

  1. Product Tiers – Showcase your different pricing plans or product types with titles, descriptions, and price.
    For example – Standard – Less than 10 employees, Pro – Our most popular plan, Enterprise – 100 employees or more
  2. Services – Give a list of all services offered. For example – Teeth Cleaning – Stop putting this off – £57,
    Teeth Whitening – Look better – £97, Root Canal – Major overhaul– £997
  3. Brands – Header is a brand name you own with a description that provides additional information about the brand. Example header – Adobe Photoshop, Example description – Photo Editing, Stock Templates, 3D Printing
  4. Events – The header and description must include 2 of the following: date, location, type, or performer.
  5. Location – The header must be a location and the description must provide additional details about the location and its relevance to your business.

Best Practices for Price Extensions

Price extensions allow customers to be one-click away from converting on your website. There are some do’s and don’ts to help make your good price extension a great one.

  • You will be able to add 3-8 rows of products and services across 9 different categories. The description may get cut off with an ellipse (…) or may not show at all depending on screen size
  • Do not include price or promotional information. No “We the Best”, no emojis, no “Free Shipping”. This will not pass Google’s review process
  • Do not use headers that contain anything other than your brand name
  • Do not use descriptions containing anything other than what your brand has to offer
  • Don’t use repetitive information
  • Please don’t use unavailable offers or trademarks

Limitations on Price Extensions

Some important limitations of Price Extensions:

  • At the moment, these price extensions are only supported in English and only support prices in USD, CAN, GBP, EURO, AUD, and NZD. This does mean that many international and non-English advertisers will not be able to use this new ad extension.
  • These price extensions also will only show on tablet and mobile devices. Even then, they will only appear when your ad is in position 1. If you want these Price Extensions to show, make sure to improve your quality score and ad rank so that you show in position 1 and that you’re advertising on mobile.
  • A minimum of 3 different items (products or services) must be entered into the grid in order for any to show.

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