5 Ways To Grow Your Sales Online This Eid

5 Ways To Grow Your Sales Online This Eid

Anisha Patel
June 7, 2024

Various sectors of the UAE’s economy are experiencing a significant surge in growth from the Hospitality sector to the Retail sector.

This month’s UAE Super Sale could not have come at a better time. Now with Eid around the corner, we’re experiencing a sense of joy and festivity, accompanied by an increase in consumer spending.

Special discounts on gifts, clothing and electronics and bustling restaurants full of families and friends, our commercial landscape is well positioned for a boost in Eid spending. The region is also expecting an increase in tourism over the Eid period, therefore also indicating the tourism, hospitality and automobile sectors also primed for a surge in demand this month.

Is your business Eid ready? Here are 5 ways to accelerate your sales online this Eid.

1. Be Part of Real Time Conversations

AI can be great in supporting community engagement throughout Eid by assessing social media trends and sentiments. Businesses and individuals can identify relevant topics to their industry, online discussions and events allowing them to actively participate and engage in conversations with your customers and prospects during Eid (and beyond!)

2. Embrace Google Ads Broad Match

After a lot of challenges in recent years, it’s time to embrace Broad Match (again). Eid is a great time to start small batch testing of Broad Match, considering Google’s impending release of AI Overviews and the appearance of Google now pouring all its resources into Broad match algorithms. 

3. Scale Your Creative

Enhance your creatives with generative AI. Whether that's new assets, scaling or adaptations, Google’s Performance Max AI Powered features can help. That’s in addition to Push’s own in house tech for creative testing across social media, Google and YouTube assets.

4. Streamline Business Processes

Project management tools and various other AI tools can help you build and plan your marketing during and before Eid. Including scheduling, content planning, campaign builds and reporting. We love Gemini, Claude and Dial360 to supercharge marketing performance. New AI-powered tools are now rapidly transforming how retailers are personalising the shopping journey to make the consumer’s life a lot easier. Consider both aspects, AI internally and AI for your customers’ journey.

5. Real Time Success Measurement

A great benefit of utilising Analytics & Data for reporting is the ability to provide real-time feedback and insights on the success of a campaign. With Eid being a relatively short time period, it’s well worth ensuring you have the tools and efforts in place to optimise in real time with the right data.

To conclude, knowing your industry insights is critical for advertisers and businesses looking to connect with the right audience and take advantage of the upcoming boom. By leveraging AI and data driven insights, you can develop campaigns that speak to audiences, maximise the impact of your brand message (at times that matter), and ultimately drive engagement and sales.

Eid Mubarak!

Push MENA Team.

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