Managing Director

Dr Paul Kearney is our Managing Director and his mission is to ensure we remain at the forefront of the AI driven digital Sales, Advertising and Marketing revolution.  In a world of charlatans, his job is to ensure that the team delivers.

Paul has an extensive marketing technology background having previously led the technology division of ITG. However, he would argue that his more relevant experience was as a Royal Marines officer, where he commanded combat operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan due to the uncertainty and rate of change.

He is used to working in complex and dynamic environments and his ethos is simple: Marketing and Advertising have never been as complex and dynamic as they are today and yet they will never be this simple and slow again. Our job is to be the first to understand, the first to adapt and the first to overcome.

His job is to constantly challenge the brilliant Operational Team and the groundbreaking Innovation Team (DIAL) to ensure that Push remains at the frontier of digital sales, advertising and marketing.