Find out the strategies you can implement now
that can help you increase sales by over 250% this Black Friday

Beat Your Competition On Black Friday and Beyond

CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Do you need Help to Take Action this Black Friday?

Last year approximately £1.23 billion was spent on retail sites online

This event will focus on the key strategies to out manoeuvre your competition and drive your cost of sales/enquiries down while at the same time growing your turnover during this key trading period

The Next Seminar from Push

20th September, Google, 10:00 am

Our seminars cover topics such as:

  • How To Win In today’s Digital World
  • Staying Ahead Of Your Competition Online
  • Budget Planning vs Actual Budget
  • Shopping Best Practices
  • Using Chatbots to Improve Your Conversions

You Can Hear From Our Great Partners

At many of our events we invite one of our partners to provide their expert advice. Google speak at the majority of our seminars and provide updates on the latest and greatest tips to maximise your Google Ads (AdWords) performance. The British Franchise Association are also a partner and help businesses expand through franchising and we run specific seminars for the franchise industry throughout the year.

We also have many partnerships with government bodies such as the DIT, where we run events focused on helping current exporters find new markets to grow into as well as giving guidance to firms looking to export goods & services for the first time

Hear case studies from eCommerce businesses experiencing growth rates from 30 to 50 % !!!

Our seminars differ in size, content & focus so we share a wide variety of case studies from businesses across different industries within e-commerce. Our events will demonstrated how we use our recommended strategies to get winning results.

The Next Seminar from Push

20th September, Google, 10:00 am