My Top 5 Tried & Tested Tools AI Tools for Marketing

My Top 5 Tried & Tested Tools AI Tools for Marketing

Jasleen Kaur Carroll
AI Integration Director
November 17, 2023

Following our recent blog, The Best 40 AI Tools for Marketing, I've received numerous requests to share some of my tried and tested tools.

With AI continually reshaping our approach to digital marketing, it's vital to select tools that not only align with how we/I like to work but also significantly enhance our productivity and effectiveness. 

In this post, I share the AI tools that I feel all businesses need to explore!

[.gradient-color]1. SEMrush Instant Video Creator[.gradient-color]

SEMrush’s  Instant Video Creator is a game-changer for me.  The tool transforms my blog posts into captivating, less than 1 minute videos, with the ability to share on all social media platforms in the right dimensions!. Its ability to select relevant stock images and video content makes it a great tool for any sized business that does not have video capability in house. 

Key Benefits
  • Efficient conversion of text to engaging video content
  • Customisation to maintain brand consistency
  • Direct integration with social media for easy sharing


[.gradient-color]2. Clickdrop[.gradient-color]

Clickdrop stands out for its impact on e-commerce. By effortlessly creating varied product images set against different backgrounds, it has significantly improved my A/B testing processes, leading to noticeable improvements in engagement and conversion rates. E-commerce businesses should use Clickdrop for their website and product feed improvements

Key Benefits
  • Diverse and dynamic product imagery
  • Improved audience targeting through effective A/B testing
  • Tangible impact on conversion rates and sales


For tech enthusiasts and professionals, is an innovative platform, specifically designed for prompt engineering. This tool stands out by offering the capability to compare outputs from a variety of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as, ChatGPT, and others, using identical prompts. 

This tool will help you select the best LLM for your particular use case.

Key benefits
  • Compare outputs from various LLMs side-by-side.
  • Test and experiment with extensive, diverse prompts.
  • Choose the best LLM for specific needs and use cases.

[.gradient-color]4.[.gradient-color] stands out for its ability to process and analyse large volumes of text. This feature is particularly useful for those looking to gain comprehensive insights from large documents, long lists of website content, review platform exports and more.

Whether it's for in-depth research, strategy development, or creativity like crafting ad copies and thematic analysis, Claude digests the information, providing clear, and actionable feedback. Its robust processing power makes it an invaluable tool for a wide array of applications, from academic research to marketing strategy formulation.

Key benefits
  • Handles extensive volumes of text, offering deep insights.
  • Delivers unbiased analysis, crucial for accurate decision-making.
  • Equally effective for academic research, marketing strategies, ad copy creation, and thematic analysis.


[.gradient-color]5. Circleback[.gradient-color]

Circleback has transformed my approach to meetings. This essential tool, which I can't imagine working without, effortlessly integrates with my Google Calendar, automatically joining all my calls. 

The best part? I don't need to take notes anymore. Once a meeting concludes, Circleback sends comprehensive notes to all participants. These include a summary of actions, an overview of the call, and a handy checklist. It's a complete package that enhances meeting efficiency and follow up actions lists.

Key Benefits
  • Integrates with calendars to join calls automatically.
  • Eliminates the need for manual note-taking during meetings.
  • Provides detailed summaries, including action items and call overviews.
  • Includes checklists for attendees, ensuring follow-up and accountability.

As you can see, these are just a handful of the AI tools that have become indispensable in my digital marketing toolkit. But such is the pace of innovation in this field that if you were to ask me next month, my list might very well feature a whole new set of tools. 

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to explore our comprehensive list of the top 40 AI tools for marketing, I highly recommend doing so as we’ve reviewed tools and their pricing from everything from video creation, copywriting, research and more.

Stay ahead of the curve, embrace the new, and keep exploring – the future of marketing is here, and it’s powered by AI.

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