Case Study

Optimising Google Adwords To Solve The World’s Bad Hair Days

Vinci Hair Clinic are industry leaders in hair transplants, eyebrow & body hair transplants, scalp micro pigmentation and other alternative hair restoration treatments.

The Challenge

  • Build a scalable business for Vinci that could grow rapidly so that they could expand from just a few clinics to a Global presence with multiple clinics
  • Drive traffic and generate a repeatable source of leads
  • Develop unique approaches to reaching their core audience which would build them a sustainable competitive advantage

The Approach

  • Expand Vinci presence globally through extensive market research (Google Trends), competitive landscape monitoring (Google Alert) and bespoke online communication relevant to our targeted audience (buyer personas)
  • Utilised new bid strategies, match types, Adwords keyword planner tool and Youtube to drive brand awareness and market penetration
  • Use localised language campaigns
  • Use geography targeting tactics, Google Ads audience tool and analytics to understand the consumer’s behaviour and user journey

The Results

  • Since Vinci appointed Push in 2013 we have expanded the business from 5 clinics to 38 clinics, across the globe within 4 years. ( 8x increase in clinic base)
  • 24 % YOY continued growth in enquiries from Adwords
  • 800% YOY growth in 2016 on mobile conversions
  • A systematic proven approach to opening new clinics globally

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Through our close working relationship with Push and their expertise in Adwords we have been able to quickly and easily expand into new markets for Vinci across 12 different countries.
Salvar Halldor Bjornsson
CEO, Vinci hair clinic


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