Renisha Mehta
Renisha Mehta
Renisha Mehta

How we increased revenue by 81% with a streamlined omni-channel approach

Our eCommerce client, Slipfree, is an online Shopify store for non-slip shoes and swimwear for the beach, pool and home. As with a lot of businesses, Slipfree was impacted by the pandemic and restrictions on travel.

At the beginning of 2022, we worked with the client to develop an omni-channel approach for this summer season. We focused on streamlining existing campaigns and driving new visitors to the site – read on to find out how this approach increased revenue by 81%.

The challenge

  • The pandemic presented the client with changes in their consumer’s behaviour landscape.
  • Lockdown and restrictions on travel changed the demand for holiday essentials.

The results

We started strategising for this season in January 2022, which allowed us the time to test to find the right approach for when demand increased. Demand generally peaks from March through to August with the summer holiday making season.

  • Increased traffic to the site
    By assigning more budget to our best performing campaigns across Google and Facebook from previous years, we were able to boost performance and drive more traffic. These campaigns generated an additional 50k visitors between March and July 2022.

More traffic, more revenue
By implementing a new approach that drove an increase of relevant traffic to the site, we achieved an increased revenue from paid campaigns by 81% year on year.

The approach

  • Bridging the Gap Between ‘Add To Cart’ and ‘Purchase’
    Although our existing campaigns were generating a high number of ‘Add to Cart’ actions, these were not converting into purchases at the same rate. We were able to bridge the gap between ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Purchase’ by introducing new strategies that engaged our audience and encouraged them to make a purchase.We added supporting Shopify apps to the website and implemented a new email strategy which drove users to the site with offered discounts. This, coupled with new ad creatives and visuals on Facebook, audience targeting, and remarketing, incentivised returning visitors to make their purchase.
  • Adopting An Omni-Channel Approach
    We increased Facebook ad spend on our acquisition campaigns to drive more visitors to the website. We then implemented remarketing for these visitors across other paid channels to engage with the audience and keep our client front of mind.
  • Streamlined Campaign Structure
    We simplified and streamlined our existing campaign structure to provide us with a clearer view of how our campaigns and audiences were performing. We then gave a higher dedicated budget to the best performing to capitalise on demand during peak months.
  • Testing and Experimentation
    We tested new ad creatives and visuals with each change in the consumer landscape and wider market. For example, when travel reopened after the pandemic, ad creatives pictured products being used at holiday destinations rather than in the home.Refreshing our creatives kept our audience engaged and allowed our ads to perform better.


Adopting a seasonal campaign approach which focused on testing new creatives and audiences across multiple channels, whilst simultaneously launching new website and email strategies enabled us to drive new traffic in the peak summer season and increase revenue by 81% year on year.

If you’ve liked what you’ve read and are interested in exploring a new approach for seasonal campaigns, please get in touch today.

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