Working at Push: Jack O’Connell

Working at Push: Jack O’Connell

Nemash Patel
Marketing Strategist
May 24, 2021
Push Perspective

Jack O’Connell joined Push as a Digital Account Executive in September 2020, after spending 3 years at Bournemouth University.

After spending his initial 6 weeks at Push on our intensive training programme, Jack joined our Innovation Team, where he now supports his team to manage PPC accounts as well as managing his clients.  We caught up with Jack to find out how he heard about Push, the interview process and what he’s made of his 8 months at Push.

What is your role at Push and what’s your background?

Hi there!

To introduce myself, my name is Jack O’Connell and I am a graduate of Bournemouth University. After achieving a 2:1 in Marketing Communications, I was subsequently employed as a Digital Account Executive at Push as one of their graduate employees.

On a day to day basis, my role consists of supporting senior members of the team to manage PPC accounts alongside managing my own clients to help achieve results to grow their business!


How were you made aware of Push?

During my final year of university, I was regularly in touch with a graduate recruitment agency looking for a role in the digital marketing space! I was fortunate enough to be made aware of Push and from there I was able to progress through the different stages of tests and interviews until I received confirmation of my employment.

However, if you’re not a graduate how do you get in touch? Push is always looking for new exciting talent to join our fast-growing team so keep a regular eye on our social media or alternatively visit our careers page.

What was the employment process like?

The employment process at Push was both efficient and comprehensive. The team here is extremely responsive and always kept me informed on my application when I was applying. What’s great is they want a new member of the team (or family) just as much as the candidate applying, so you’ll feel at ease that your potential employer wants you to be a success!

The employment process will change depending on what role it is you’re applying for. For me personally, I initially submitted a CV alongside a cover letter. Following this, I was invited to do a number of online tests which will be followed by an interview with our HR Director, Anne. Finally, after a successful round, I was able to progress to an assessment day alongside other future grads. We went through a number of tests/interviews so the team could really begin to understand our skillset and see how we could fit in, before making the final call on who they would like to employ.

If you’re in a senior role though, your employment process may be different. For example, you may be interviewed and then be offered the chance to run an audit or assess an account.

What was it like initially starting at Push and what are you doing now?

Starting a new role, especially during the pandemic, was always going to be a challenge but one supported by a great team at Push.

When starting at the company there was a really inclusive onboarding process that involved meeting the team calls and lots of ice breakers. Most importantly though, was the level and depth of training that new employees are scheduled to attend. Push has its own unique and thorough training process that went on for the first 6 weeks of my role; it trains you in the basics of PPC and builds a foundation for account managers to build from – something that has been invaluable for my development.

Since I started at the business, nine months have passed and I’m pleased to have lots of responsibility and opportunities to challenge myself on a daily basis. I’m fortunate enough to have a diverse and interesting client portfolio to manage and what’s even better is I’m always given the chance to learn from senior members of the team when assisting with the implementation of changes in their own accounts.

So, to summarise how are you finding it working at Push?

Working at Push is great! In many places, you are just an employee for the business but at Push, you are a member of the family, and that’s what sets us apart from other agencies.

Alongside this, one thing I personally enjoy is the level of investment and time that is put into personal development at Push. In an industry that is constantly changing it’s important to stay up to date and train your team to adapt and be agile, and that is one thing that Push recognises and puts a lot of emphasis on. Aside from the weekly training sessions, senior members of the team are always happy to put time aside and help develop junior members of staff and share their knowledge to help improve the team!



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