Who are your Christmas Shoppers of 2021?

Who are your Christmas Shoppers of 2021?

September 23, 2021

In this blog, I’m going to be discussing the festive period and the 6 different types of shoppers we get during this time.

The festive period has already begun and a lot of brands are already pushing out their advent calendars and even their sales and promotions that they're going to have running. But don't think that means that you are not going to come across those last-minute shoppers, because there will always be people that wait till the very last minute.As you can imagine clicks and traffic do become way more expensive during Q4, as brands see a lot of competition during this time. People don't stay loyal and brands pay more for their clicks.The loyalty is just not there, shoppers are always looking for the best offers and promotions to get the best deals because they want to save more during this period because they're buying so much.So an area for you to really think about is how you can stand out. But that just a few things that we need to really remember:

  1. You need to make sure your content is compatible with mobile devices.
  2. There are six different types of shoppers

Make sure your content is mobile-friendly

67% of eCommerce sales come from mobile devices. So you can understand how important it is that your product and checkout pages are easy for the users.Shoppers use their mobile devices to look for those offers. So make sure that's your number one priority.

So who are these shoppers and are they really all the same?

Well, the first thing is no, they are completely different. And the second thing is this is the list of shoppers.


1. The Early Bird

As you can imagine, this is someone who is the first to buy anything. They are literally on it and buying the advent calendar as soon as it comes out. They do also look out for offers throughout the year.

2. The Traditionalists

This is someone who has a routine, they shop at the exact same time every year.They are the most influenced shoppers, they buy anything Christmas related, so don't miss out on a chance to advertise to them.

3. The Self Gifter

I think everyone needs to learn from this type of shopper. They are people that buy for themselves. They like to give themselves gifts, they like to make themselves feel better about themselves.If they are going through any stress throughout the year, it's just something to make them feel better. So that's where you need to share emotional content to catch those shoppers.

4. The Rookie Host

This is someone completely new to hosting; they will buy anything under the sun. They want to show people that they know about the period that they're good shoppers.They are someone to tap into when you just want to push loads of your products.

5. The Shipper First Shopper

This is someone who is online, only online, and what they are doing is constantly looking out for the best shipping offers and also the easiest return policies.So for these shoppers you want to share useful content, that's easy for them to see how simple it is for returns, but also you want them to understand that you've got offers on your shipping or your shipping is free.

6. The Last-Minute Shopper

They are very, very last minute and obviously, a lot of the stock has already gone and a lot of brands have stopped doing their sales.These are the people that are going to purchase gift cards and this is really important because you really need to adjust your wording and imagery to feed into that audience.I hope you found this quick insight into the Christmas period and just how many types of shoppers there are, how different they are and how you should adjust your content and your website for them.If you've liked what you've read and would like our help to grow your business, please get in touch today and we'll be happy to help.

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