50 Pinterest Stats You Can't Ignore for Marketing Success in 2023

50 Pinterest Stats You Can't Ignore for Marketing Success in 2023

March 29, 2023
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Pinterest is a highly-visual social media platform that inspires users and drives them to discover new ideas, brands and verticals. Users are able to save the content that they love onto their own personal boards, and continue to visit this content for months to come. Pinterest is a great stepping stone in social media purchase journeys with an ever-growing user base and advertising potential.

We have compiled our top 50 facts on Pinterest to give you an idea of just how much potential this platform has:


Pinterest User Statistics

1. Pinterest reports having 463 million active monthly users worldwide.

Pinterest’s user base is ever-growing, with an 11% user increase over the last three years. This is a highly engaged audience from a variety of ages and demographics worldwide.  There are 16.3 million monthly unique visitors in the United Kingdom (UK).


2. Over 60% of Pinterest’s global users are female.

Pinterest caters to a predominantly female audience. While over 60% of Pinterest’s global users are female, their advertising audience is even more weighted, with 76.7% of their audience base being female.  In the United Kingdom (UK), 66% of Pinterest users are female.



3. 60% of Pinterest’s new signups are men.

While Pinterest has historically had a predominantly female audience, the platform is becoming increasingly balanced, with 60% of new signups being male.


4. 67% of Pinners are under the age of 40.

Women aged 25-34 are Pinterest’s primary demographic. However, Gen Z and men are Pinterest’s fastest growing audiences, up 40% year on year.


5. Pinterest is available in over 30 languages.

Pinterest is a primarily English-language based platform, however it is available in over 30 languages. Interestingly, 81% of Pinners speak a language other than English!


6. Pinterest is most popular in the United States.

Over 86 million Pinterest users are from the United States, making Pinterest the third most popular social media platform in the US after Facebook and Instagram.



Pinterest User Behaviour

7. Over 5 billion searches are made on Pinterest every month.

Pinterest is a search-driven, visual discovery platform that users look to for inspiration and ideas across a variety of categories.


8. Pinterest has more than 250 million visual searches per month.

With over 250 million visual searches per month, Pinterest’s visual search technology presents an opportunity for businesses to increase their visibility with new audiences and drive traffic to their website.


9. Users spend an average of 14.2 minutes on Pinterest daily.

Whilst Pinterest might not be a platform where users can spend hours scrolling, Pinterest users are highly engaged and are actively searching for new ideas and inspiration. In fact, 8 out of 10 users say that Pinterest makes them feel positive.


10. 85% of Pinners use the platform to plan important events.

From looking for inspiration to discovering new brands, Pinterest users use the platform to research and plan every detail of important moments in their lives. According to Pinterest marketing statistics, Christmas holiday planning starts as early as July!


11. Saturday is Pinning day!

While Pinterest users may use the platform throughout the day, the most popular time to Pin is on a Saturday morning, with users showing a higher level of engagement.



Growth of Pinterest

12. Pinterest’s revenue in 2022 was $2.8 billion.

In fact, this was a 8.71% increase in revenue from 2021, whilst their monthly active users increased by roughly 5 million in the three months leading up to February 2023. This shows just how much growth potential the social media platform has for both user base and revenue.


13. Pinterest is the 14th most popular social media platform globally.

Whilst platforms like Facebook and Instagram may be used by most of us daily, Pinterest is actually the 14th most popular social media platform globally.



14. Pinterest’s advertising revenue is projected to reach $2.91 billion in 2023.

Pinterest has been growing its ad revenue over the past few years and is forecasted to see a 15.9% increase in ad revenue in 2023 compared to 2022.



Popular Pinterest Content

15. Food & Drink, DIY and Home Decor Reign Supreme.

Food and drink, DIY and crafts, and home decor continue to be the most popular content topics on Pinterest, with Pinners looking for everything from inspiration to how-tos.

In the UK, Home Decor, Beauty, Fashion, Food & Drink, Parenting and Finance are the most popular content topics.


16. The top keywords are “recipe”, “DIY”, and “wedding”.

Following on from the most popular topics above, unsurprisingly the most popular Pin keywords on Pinterest are “recipe”, “DIY”, and “wedding”.


17. Multiple images generate higher engagement.

Pins with multiple images, or ‘carousel Pins’, have a 67% higher chance of being shared compared to single image Pins. These Pins allow users to showcase multiple products or images at the same time and build higher engagement.


18. Warm colour palettes drive engagement.

Pinterest found that Pins with a warm colour palette (think red, orange and yellow) have a 28% higher engagement rate than those with cool colours.



Branded vs. Unbranded Pins

19. Pinners love branded content.

78% of Pinners find content from brands on Pinterest useful. Amazingly, Pinterest drives 10x higher off-platform brand searches than other social media platforms.


20. 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded.

Despite Pinners loving branded content, 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded. This means that users often come to the platform without a brand in mind, making Pinterest an excellent space for brand discovery. Impressively, 80% of users have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.


21. 83% of weekly Pinners have purchased after seeing branded content.

83% of weekly Pinners make a purchase after seeing content from brands on Pinterest. This demonstrates just how powerful a tool Pinterest can be in engaging users.



Key Pinterest Features

22. Pinterest has over 1 billion boards created by users.

Users are able to ‘Pin’ their favourite content to Boards, thus saving them to revisit later. This is a fundamental feature of Pinterest and with over 1 billion boards, it’s clear how popular it is.


23. Idea Pins allow creators to share stories.

Pinterest introduced Idea Pins in 2020 – multi-page sequences of creatives that allow creators to share a story. Think Instagram Stories.


24. You can try a pin and give feedback.

Pinterest’s “Tried It” feature allows users to check off Pins that they have tried and provide feedback, notes and photos.



Buyer's Journey on Pinterest

25. 98% of Pinterest users have discovered something new on the platform.

With 89% of Pinners using Pinterest for inspiration in their purchase journey, and 55% using the platform to find products to buy, it comes as no surprise that 98% of users have tried something new that they discovered on the platform.


26. 90% of weekly Pinners use Pinterest to make purchase decisions.

With the majority of weekly Pinners using the platform to make purchase decisions, Pinterest is an excellent space for brands to showcase their products and reach new customers. This is true across all ages, with 59% of millennials having discovered products on Pinterest that they later purchased.


27. Pinterest users spend 29% more on products than non-users.

On average, Pinterest users spend 29% more on products from brands using the platform, than non users do. This makes Pinterest a great place to drive engagement with audiences for a returned increase in revenue and sales.



Maximising Pinterest For Your Business

28. Using a call-to-action on Pins increases engagement by 80%.

Including a clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA) in your Pin description is an effective way to increase engagement.


29. Pinterest is the second-largest driver of social media traffic to Shopify stores.

In 2021, Pinterest saw a 20% increase in shopping engagement due to its ability to showcase products visually. This provides businesses with a valuable opportunity to drive traffic and sales.


30. Pins with a price tag have a 36% higher clickthrough rate (CTR).

Including a price tag on Pins encourages users to click through to your website and make a purchase.


31. Pins with faces have a 23% higher engagement rate.

Pins which include human faces connect with users far more than images without.


32. Pins with a brand logo have a 7x higher engagement rate.

Brand logos expand brand recognition across the platform and increase engagement with your content.


33. Pinterest is the only social media platform where you can target by interests and keywords.

With the correct marketing strategy, Pinterest provides you with more opportunities to reach people than on other platforms. As users find content through searching for their interests, rather than through a chronological feed, more users will continue to find your Pins for months to come.


34. Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit combined.

Pinterest’s visual platform provides a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand and drive traffic to their website.


35. Pinterest is all about quality audiences.

Pinners are a quality audience due to their high engagement with the platform. Generally, Pinners have a high buying power and one of the best Average Order Values among all social platforms.


36. Pinterest trends take off 20% faster than trends on other platforms.

Data shows that trends on Pinterest tend to take off 20% faster in the first six months than trends on other social platforms. This means that marketers can gain a competitive edge by capitalising on trends on Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest trends also sustain a 21% longer monthly growth than other online trends.


37.Pinners revisit search trends more than once.

When users engage with trends on Pinterest, they do so more than once and tend to continue searching across a range of verticals. This gives brands the opportunity to capitalise on trends across product categories and reach new audiences.


38. 85.9% of Pinterest users also use Instagram.

Instagram has the largest social media audience overlap with Pinterest, whilst the least audience overlap with Pinterest is Reddit. This gives brands the chance to target audiences across a range of platforms and keep users engaged.


39. People watch close to one billion videos a day on Pinterest.

Pinterest isn’t always associated with video content, but it has been a growing vertical on the platform. Pinterest has actually now introduced ad packages which grow the targeting and reach of video campaigns.


40. Advertisers can reach more than 250 million people on Pinterest.

Pinterest provides brands with a massive opportunity to target new users and to keep their audiences engaged. This is partly due to Pinterest adding more countries to its ad targeting portfolio, with new countries expanding their user base every month.


Top 10 Pinterest Trends to Watch in 2023

Pinterest Predicts has identified the top trends that are set to make an impact in the coming year. As Pinterest is a platform where people plan for their future, giving us unique insight into emerging trends. In fact, over the last three years, 80% of our report predictions have come true.

These trends are driven by the Pinterest community’s search data and reflect a shift in consumer behavior, preferences, and priorities. From self-care to sustainable living, here are the top 10 trends to watch out for in 2023:


41. Sustainable Splurges Gain Momentum

As consumers become more eco-conscious, they’re gravitating towards sustainable luxury purchases. High-quality, long-lasting products are in demand for their reduced environmental impact.


42. Well-being Takes Center Stage

People are increasingly prioritising self-care and well-being. From mental health to physical fitness, individuals seek holistic approaches to improve their overall wellness.


43. Circular Fashion Makes a Statement

Upcycling and repurposing clothing is becoming a popular trend, with users seeking creative ways to reinvent their wardrobes and reduce waste in the fashion industry.


44. Home Improvements with Purpose

Homeowners are focusing on renovations that improve both form and function. This includes optimizing space, increasing energy efficiency, and incorporating eco-friendly materials.


45. Digital Escapism and NFTs

Digital art and NFTs are gaining traction as people seek immersive, virtual experiences. The metaverse offers endless opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and exploration.


46. Playful Design and Maximalism

Interior design sees a shift towards bold colors, playful patterns, and maximalist aesthetics. This trend encourages self-expression and a vibrant living space.


47. Plant Parenthood Flourishes

The popularity of indoor plants continues to grow, with people seeking new species, unique containers, and creative ways to display their greenery. Plant care and propagation become essential skills for modern plant enthusiasts.


48. Adventure Travel Takes Off

As travel restrictions ease, adventure travel is on the rise. People are exploring remote destinations, engaging in outdoor activities, and seeking unique, off-the-beaten-path experiences.


49. Nurturing a Neurodiverse World

Greater awareness and understanding of neurodiversity is leading to more inclusive environments. Embracing neurodiversity promotes acceptance, support, and accommodations for all individuals.


50. Next-Level DIY Skincare

People are experimenting with homemade skincare solutions, prioritizing natural ingredients and personalized formulations. This trend emphasizes self-care, sustainability, and customisation in beauty routines.



In conclusion, Pinterest is an incredibly versatile and powerful platform for businesses to leverage in their marketing efforts. The platform’s visual nature, highly engaged user base, and growing advertising potential make it an essential tool for brands looking to drive traffic, engagement, and sales.

If you’re interested in exploring Pinterest’s potential for your business and would like expert guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Push.

We’ll be more than happy to help you harness the power of Pinterest and create a tailored strategy to achieve your business goals. Reach out to us today and let’s unlock the full potential of Pinterest for your brand.


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