TikTok What’s Next Report: What was trending in 2021 and what to look out for in 2022

TikTok What’s Next Report: What was trending in 2021 and what to look out for in 2022

May 12, 2022
Social Media

2021 has been a huge year for TikTok. The platform has seen growth, learning and accomplishments, but more importantly it has established itself as the most visited website in 2021 – knocking Google off its throne.

Digital moments that we’ve seen on TikTok have helped to set the trends all over the world. As usual, TikTok summarised the most popular trends of the past year, to then give us an insight into what to expect in 2022. Curious to know the top 5 industries that rocked the platform? Keep on reading!

Apparel & Accessories

It is no secret that the fashion industry fits perfectly into the social media landscape. On TikTok, fashion is more than just what kind of clothes you wear. The platform not only creates new way to inspire wardrobes and stay up to date on trends, but also has space for users to teach and learn about how to recycle and up-cycle clothes or get ready in a flash through creative transitions!

Viral fashion trends have driven amongst TikTok’s community, often beginning organically from users. In 2021, the most popular fashion videos were around topics such as #festival, #fashiontiktok, #outifitideas and #outfitinspo. What videos to look out for this year? Make sure you keep your eye on #fashionhacks, #tryonhauls, #midsizefashion, #thrifttok and #thriftfinds!

Beauty & Personal Care

Another category that shouldn’t come as a surprise to any advertiser. Over the last year, beauty has found its place on TikTok in a big way, ad viral trends have taken off on the platform. From skincare, to personal care, to makeup, users and creators come to TikTok to share their real-life, honest reviews of different products and services within the beauty sector.

Top trends highlight in the report were focused around #ASMR, #makeup, #beauty, #skincare and #makeuptutorials. For 2022, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for #hairtok, #dermdoctor, #skintok and #ASMRmakeup, as according to TikTok these are the up-and-comers.

News & Entertainment

From cooking to pets, to DIY, to film – there’s a room for everyone to entertain and advertise on TikTok. According to the report, 75% of TikTok users say they come to the platform to be entertained which makes it a perfect place for entertainment brands to show up and show out. With the community’s desire to learn something new on the platform and TikTok’s algorithm directing them to their interest ad values, it is a perfect place for brands to inspire and express their take on the newest trends.

For this particular category, TikTok highlighted #movie, #TVshow, #dragraceUK, #marveltok and #movieclip as the most popular trends in 2021. The fastest-growing hashtags and the ones that will for sure rock the platform this year are #filmclips, #UKcomedy, #superman, #scarlettjohanson and #gilmoregirls.


How much we have all missed travelling can be seen through the TikTok trends of 2021. Even though the pandemic putting a pause on travel throughout 2020 and most of 2021, the TikTok community continued to explore their hometowns, inspiring others for when the world can travel again. TikTok became a travel hub full of inspiration and travel tips, giving users something to look forward to in the post-pandemic world.

#staycation took over TikTok, a particular trend that saw users travel to places in their hometowns that looked similar to to places abroad, discovering beauty in their own country. #travel, #roadtrip, #adventure and #traveltiktok were also talked about by users. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for #londonhotspots, #scotlandTikTok, #travelthrowback, #traveltok and #honeymoon in 2022!

Auto & Transportation

Last but not least, the world of auto on TikTok has become an exciting and entertaining place, proving that there is room for every industry on TikTok as long as you master the content creation! Auto-enthusiasts and every-day users alike can discover new and inspiring content on the platform, from everyday car to luxury brands, cars of all shapes, sized and purposes.

The most popular trends? 2021 was all about #carcommunity, #carhub, #jeeplife, #carreview and #cartiktok. What’s coming out on top? This year look out for #cartok, #supercarstiktook, #cardealership, #valeting and #ukcars.

Finally, there needs to be a word said about TikTok’s Community Commerce which blew up in 2021. Its success can be attributed to the entertaining, creator-driven word-of-mouth marketing that users love for its genuine product reviews.

#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt influenced millions of users and driven major success for brands, Items of all kinds have sold on TikTok – from milk frothers to feta cheese, leggings, cleaning products, mascara and everything in between. And that’s only the beginning! So if you haven’t yet, make sure you start advertising on TikTok – the potential is unparalleled!

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