TikTok Trends: Our take on what's hot #4

TikTok Trends: Our take on what's hot #4

January 12, 2023
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We are back again for 2023…which can only mean one thing…. ANOTHER YEAR OF TIKTOK.

Have you noticed what is picking up so far? What are you loving? What are you scrolling past?

Didn’t I do it for you…

A dog…trending? Surely not.

These gorgeous long nosed dogs, also referred to as a Borzoi, are finally getting the love they deserve on TikTok.

All to the sound of Miss Piggy from the muppets melody, people are sharing random objects in their house, in the streets or within their dinner plates of things reminding them of these long haired beauties.

Weird…. Nope, just another TikTok trend that has been used by 62,000 users!

♬ original sound – Underwhelming (sometimes)


Turning my mom into me…

Finally! We see the Gen Z’s introduce their parents to TikTok. And what better way to do it then to watch them absolutely serve their children’s outfits to give them the ultimate glow up. What do we love best? The smiles on all of their faces taking part in this trend and seeing the love being spread by connecting different generations through TikTok!

One word from us. SLAY.


@juliaholya she definitely slayed 💅🏼#trend #mom #turningmymomintome #m#MomsofTikTokfyp #viral ♬ original sound – evie 


Our recognised top performing account

Jack makes personality driven, authentic and comedic style UGC videos on his organic page. Most recently, he took the streets of Amsterdam reviewing his trip in a commentary presenter style.

His snappy upbeat style of videos, combined with his creative ideas for content, has seen him huge success with a following of over 100,000.

He clearly knows what he is doing as a creator by keeping on trend and relevant but also showing his creative side, making the perfect UGC creator. UGC for 2023 is predicted to see more of these longer forms of content that are personality driven.

Well…who knows where his journey will take him next…maybe on to our TV screens!



Campaigns that are hot right now

Love Island

As the winter series approaches us with new host Maya Jama building excitement, it’s time for Love Island to take over our screens again. Having seen a few ads being run in the last few days building awareness that it is back, it is no wonder they do not need to run too many campaigns or ads because we will discuss it non-stop REGARDLESS.

Our pages are being filled with rumours and it has been confirmed that TikTok farming star Will Young has been first announced to be heading in. Whether ITV placed him in the villa to start conversations on TikTok we do not know….but it certainly is a smart move!    

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Well, I really hope you’ve enjoyed our quick overview of what I’m seeing right now all over TikTok.      

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