TikTok Trends: Our take on what's hot #3

TikTok Trends: Our take on what's hot #3

December 6, 2022
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Hi, I’m Shannon, the content creator here at Push. We are back again with another round of our takes on what is happening and HOT on TikTok right now!

Wednesday: The Netflix Series

The most watched series in Netflix history has arrived. We’ve found ourselves obsessing over Jenna Ortega who stars as the main character; Wednesday.

From her iconic dance moves, to her dark grunge aesthetic, it is fascinating to us how Netflix has crossed over to TikTok so well here.

Creators such as Kim Kardashian, Emily Meding and Heyitsbessma have assisted towards #Wednesday reaching over 15 billion views! Will you be dancing along?

@savyazure Doing Wednesdays dance on Wednesday 😉 #wednesday #jennaortega #fyp #fakebody ♬ original sound – Netflix

You make me un Poco Loco!

We love seeing an easy trending sound on TikTok that we can hop on. The sound is a sped up extract from the children’s movie Coco, that allows people to share humorous experiences.

One way of using this sound is in a situation where someone doesn’t stick to a deadline, routine, plan and it makes you….. UN POCO LOCO! The sound has since had over 228,000 uses and demonstrates a trending on TikTok of audios that are sped up…. Why not use this opportunity to blow up!

@ninathehuman_ I’m just deaf give me a chance #unpocoloco #fyp #relatable #whatdidyousay ♬ original sound – bestspedup


Our recognised top performing account

@cassnjade is a couples run account that explores the entertaining elements of balancing a healthy relationship. They have seen success in their last bundles of creatives, gaining hundreds of thousands of views and growing their platform.

Couple themed accounts have seen huge success over the years such as MollyandJordy and Georgioufamily. Joined alongside their winning angle, the ‘POV’, we are sure that their account will continue to grow, sharing their heart warmingly funny relationship online.

Campaigns that are hot right now


Boots has been wow-ing us with their recent campaign joint with @Max_Baledge where he takes his funny likeable personality to the shop floor…gaining well over 2 million views! In a short vlog style clip, we see an in-store colleague show Max around as he makes light of finding simple tasks challenging.

Boots have been hot on their TikTok ideas this year from Love Island content, to Black Friday trending audios and now using viral content creators.

We love their creativity and cannot wait to see what they do for 2023!

@bootsuk @max_balegde 🤝 a bath full of Everyday Mouthwash #bootsuk #bootsxmax #everydayvaluerange #bootsbeauty ♬ original sound – Boots UK


Seasonality: Christmas Festivities

This time, we are stripping it right down to activities to do offline. We have seen a real craze over the opening of Winter Wonderland the last few weeks, with people vlogging and sharing their festive Christmas content!

Hyde Park is back and better than ever with the annual event of Winter wonderland which always seems to cause a stir on TikTok about wanting to go, what to wear and finding a date! They have ensured to create even more of a stir by creating some fantastic UGC content on their organic TikTok page @hydeparkwinterwonderland sharing the do’s and dont’s, the highlights of the park and even jumping on a few trending sounds.

On their opening night they invited a whole bunch of creators down to ensure they were also sharing their experience…. Check it out here!

@hydeparkwinterwonderland You can always rely on us to share our top tips, but what’s your top tip for a trip to Winter Wonderland? Let us know in the comments 👇 #HydeParkWinterWonderland #winterwonderland #winterwonderland2022 #christmasiscoming #thingstodoinlondon #festivethingstodo #christmasmarketlondon #christmastime #toptips #xmasinlondon ♬ оригинальный звук – Natalie Vedeneeva 🎻
@felicityhayward it’s #winterwonderland time now girlies #pressnight #hydepark #christmas ♬ all i want for christmas – 𝗹𝗶𝗯𝗯𝘆 || 𝟭𝟭.𝟬𝗸

Well, I really hope you’ve enjoyed our quick overview of what I’m seeing right now all over TikTok.

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