TikTok trends of 2022 and our predictions for 2023!

TikTok trends of 2022 and our predictions for 2023!

December 21, 2022
Social Media

We are back for our final TikTok Trends blog of the year…and this time we are WRAPPING IT UP TIKTOK STYLE!

We have all spent hundreds if not thousands of hours scrolling, sharing, crying, laughing and loving the content we have been seeing.

TikTok has started to shape our society and culture more than we ever imagined from the fashion we wear, the jokes we tell, the foods we eat and the artists we listen too. Without a doubt it has had the biggest impact on our lives without realising.

Some fantastic businesses joined us upon our TikTok journey this year, to optimise themselves via the wonderful team at Push and we can’t wait to see who we can help WIN next year too!

Without further ado let’s recap on the year:

Our favourite TikTok Trends of 2022

1. It’s corn

A trend where a TikTok user conducts street interviews, often with children who respond with silly answers. The trend started when a young child was interviewed about his love of corn.  The video was subsequently remixed into a catchy song.

@schmoyoho intro song for any meal/snack with corn 🌽 – from iconic interview on @doingthings ♬ It’s Corn – Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

2. Binley Mega Chippy

A trend which resulted in a Coventry based chip shop becoming a TikTok sensation when a fan produced a satirical theme song and the business gained a cult following. The joke being that the original jingle was not particularly good and that the chippy is nothing special. Iam late?😂 #maciejmp #binleymegachippy ♬ Binley Mega Chippy – Alex

3. What is going on in the House of Commons

The phrase “what on earth is going on in the house of commons” is being used humorously by creators to convey something shocking that is either relatable or tied to their specific niche.

@lanasauce #greenscreen ♬ What on earth is going on in the house of commons – ItsZKRM

4. The Icks trend

Typically between couples, friends or family, where they share on camera the things they find really annoying/dislike about them with a voice-over effect meaning you sound even funnier when saying them.

@the.marellis idk if this was as helpful as we thought it would be 😂 ##couplechallenge #icks #voiceeffects ♬ original sound – The Marellis

5. It’s about damn time – Lizzo

Popular lyrics from a Lizzo song which encouraged a viral dance sensation across the platform.  An empowering message, catchy music, an easy trend to replicate or adapt.

@crissa_ace I had to do it for @lizzo 💪🏽💜 #groovybasketball #aboutdamntime ♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

What’s worked well in TikTok in 2022?

Street interviews

A fantastic trend we have seen smaller accounts use to grow, in which a presenter will head out onto the streets to record entertaining and informative content. The fascination with this angle is involving offline back to the online world by involving the public and uploading it in short format creatives on TikTok.

Tiny mic

The super simple and effective use of the tiny microphone has shown how props can construct a TikTok so well! The concept is a great way of introducing the theme of a video to usually involve some form of entertainment, sarcasm, group collaboration or interview.

Trickster voice effect

Coming into use in the last quarter of the year, the audio effect has picked up in no time and has become a winning angle for successful creatives.

The simple editing of audio has allowed a video to become upgraded with an entertaining voice overlay replacing your voice, making the video much more entertaining. It is also an angle that steers from classic lip syncing or music trends and allows creators to use their voice and show personality amongst their content in order to alter their voice.

Duetting videos

Another winning approach we have seen this year that has consistently performed across multiple years, is the classic duet. Again, this in app feature is often recognised by TikTok and pushed onto the algorithm further, thus driving more impressions and traffic to an account. It is a simple video to challenge, collaborate and discuss topics from another users content.


Our favourite TikTok accounts

There were so many amazing accounts that we could have included on this list, but these were our favourites @chris, @foodreviewclub, @ameliadimz, @yourboymoyo, @retirementhouse.



Our predictions for TikTok in 2023

Travel Fashion Videos

Fashion always takes off on TikTok, setting trends, showing styles and how to incorporate fashion into other lifestyle factors such as travel, date nights, events and body confidence.

We’re expecting to see trends of fashion travel videos to take off with inspiration from creators on what to wear to different places whether it be casual backpacking, date night at winter wonderland or a summer’s day picnic.

Self Love

As UGC creatives take off on TikTok, we can expect to see more authentic and raw content to become more relatable to audiences. For example, with factors such as breakups, mental health or body confidence issues we will see people showing their experiences a lot more to show a true personality to their viewers.

For some, it may be a comforting feeling to see social platforms steer away from typical detailed and perfected content on other channels such as instagram.

Shift away from big influencers

All of these trends will help show a shift away from influencers who may be verified or have a large social proof and we will see audiences invest in more UGC, small to medium size creators.

Group Content

It has been suggested that TikTok is pushing back out longer videos onto the for you page algorithm, as seen by their 3 minute feature brought out in 2022.

With brands such as Jack Wills and Foot Asylum, there has been a rise in group events for TikTok creators coming together and creating group content for these brands online…..that suggests to us that a lot more brands will be doing the same after seeing the success of this angle reach millions of views!


I really hope you’ve enjoyed our quick overview of the top TikTok Trends of 2022 and what we think will be hot in 2023!

Check back in 2023, when we’ll be seeing how many of our predictions came true!


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