The TikTok Guide

The TikTok Guide

October 16, 2022
Social Media

My name is Shannon; I’m a content creator here at Push. I first started my online journey 2 and half years ago, since which time I have grown my own TikTok channel to over 80,000 followers and 1.8 million likes.

Whilst I wish I could sit here and say it has been an easy ride in which I laid back and did nothing…I cannot. TikTok is now the most used application with an average user time spending 94 minutes a day scrolling. It can be over whelming to figure out how to approach it and make the most of these 94 minutes users spend, but with the right mindset, optimism and guidance, you can become a guru just as easily as I did.

Figuring out TikTok

So, we know by now TikTok can be tricky to figure out. The key is to look at it like a tv channel that you are flicking through. What do YOU want to see, what makes YOU stop to watch something. Is it the name of the show, the on screen text, is it dependant on the first few seconds you land on a show?

These are all significant factors to consider when producing organic content for your audiences. You want your visual content to be quirky and different, something people haven’t seen before. TikTok is also fond of these original videos that start trends, hence why we see our for you page with clusters of different content and genres. Now, once we produce this content, our viewers can like, share, save and comment on them, making that piece of content more likely to be pushed out to similar viewers and wider audiences.

But…where do I start?

Well, by downloading the app and scrolling through for a short amount of time per day, you will probably find yourself giggling at a funny dance, saving a cooking recipe and sharing weird videos of animals to your group chats. You will start to understand that it is a culture in which audiences are unified in a community of language, audios, music types, dances; all which can grow your business to customers from all over the world!

From here it won’t be so scary! I promise, have faith in the app and what you have to offer.

And what if I fail?

That is the whole point! If anything, you will want to fail. TikTok is not about every single video going viral, it is about finding what works for you and what is going to build audiences for you.

During my time on TikTok I have seen months in which my viewings are so low I panic… and then I will have a few weeks where videos could get millions and millions of views! And remember, all it takes is one viral video for blow up, and people to feel the urge to click onto your profile and watch your other content!

What now?

Well, you have two options from here. You can independently go into the wild side of TikTok alone, feeling slightly unsure of what paths to take to start creating this content. You might have a google around, even download the app itself, but there is no one there to truly guide you and have a genuine conversation about so you enter a field of guessing as you go. You will find failure in your uploads but feel unsure how to address these errors and persistently become more creative to reach different audiences.

Or… you join us! By using our range of services for not only TikTok, but other social channels, you can rely on expertise to produce content plans, film and edit videos, provide you with confidence in how to understand the platform and begin growing your audiences. Like I said, TikTok is like a big TV and we are just your remote, here for your purposes and guidance.

If you want to find more about TikTok and how you can use it grow your business get in touch today.

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