Tapping into TikTok: Key Takeaways from Connect Digital

Tapping into TikTok: Key Takeaways from Connect Digital

Zuzanna Marciniak
July 13, 2023
Social Media

We were recently invited to be part of an exciting event hosted by TikTok in London with a number of other handpicked agencies.

TikTok showed us lots of ways to make the most of what their platform offers. Our Account Director, Natalia Chronowiat was also a panellist, sharing her insights and engaging with other industry leaders on the ever-evolving landscape of social media.

There was a lot to take in, but we’ve picked out the bits that stood out to us the most:

An Era of Communal Influence

One of the most significant revelations was how the platform positions itself differently from traditional social media.

Unlike the majority of social platforms where influencers hold sway, power on TikTok rests with communities. This unique structure offers marketers a whole new dynamic to navigate and leverage, ultimately redefining the approach towards advertising.

Where Trends Start

Did you know that a massive 69% of trends start on their TikTok. This shows that the platform is a major player in setting global trends.

So, if brands want to keep up with the latest trends, they need to keep an eye on TikTok!

Discovering Trends

TikTok showed us their top three tools for spotting trends:

  • Creative Center
  • Trend Discovery Dashboard
  • Trend Perspectives

These tools help brands stay current by following what’s happening in the TikTok community.

A Platform Driven by Results and Creativity

TikTok focuses on getting results and encourages discovery, attracting new followers, and taking action in a fun environment.

What sets TikTok apart is how it uses creativity to perform better than other digital marketing platforms.

Shopping Starts Early on TikTok

A key thing we learned is that people start talking about shopping early on TikTok, with 38% of shoppers likely to start shopping earlier this year.

This tells businesses that they need to get ready for the shopping season way ahead of time.


Data Connection Matters

It’s really important to have a good data connection to get the most out of your TikTok ads. Make sure you have both pixel and events API installed, as well as Advanced Matching turned on.

Doing this will help you match more events and make your campaign more effective.

Using Video Shopping Ads and Getting Ready for Peak Season

Using Video Shopping Ads is a great way to activate the purchasing power of highly engaged shoppers during peaks.

Businesses should start getting ready for the busiest season as early as June, getting people excited and increasing reach. Then, from October, it’s all systems go!

A Rise in Activity After Christmas

TikTok noted that there’s a huge spike in engagement from December 26th to January 1st as everyone is relaxing at home post Christmas, which makes this a really good time to advertise on the platform!

Focusing on Value and Creativity

Focusing on the value of purchases can make your advertising money go further. What’s more, being creative is really important.

According to Nielson, 47% of brand lifts from advertising is due to creative so ensure you get this part right – being native on TikTok wins, as it lifts intent, increases watch time and engagement, and most importantly drives action.

Automating Campaign Performance and Measuring Results

TikTok recommends using its automation tool, the Smart Performance campaign, to improve campaign performance.

Also, since 79% of all conversions attributed to TikTok are missed by Last Click attribution models, brands should look beyond the last click using TikTok’s measurement tools.

Using Post-Purchase Surveys

Post-purchase surveys serve as a vital tool for uncovering insights about consumer behaviour and their experiences with your product or service.

By understanding these patterns, brands can adapt their strategies, ensuring they are more aligned with consumer needs and preferences, which in turn drives better performance and fosters a deeper level of engagement with the audience.

We hope you’ve found these takeaways from the event useful and insightful. If you feel that your brand could benefit from a more strategic approach to TikTok marketing, or if you have any questions about how to implement the recommendations and insights shared during the event, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our experienced team is ready to help you navigate the TikTok landscape and translate these insights into tangible results.

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