Push join the 180 Challenge to raise money for the United Worlds Schools Appeal

Push join the 180 Challenge to raise money for the United Worlds Schools Appeal

May 5, 2021
Push Perspective

Push is fortunate to work with a plethora of businesses from a range of different industries that consistently inspire us.

In the past month, we started working with a charity that was no different. United World Schools is a charity that believes that every child has the right to an education, something that resonated with the team at Push.


While education is essential to children, globally, one in every six children are still out of school. To combat this issue, United World Schools works in the world’s poorest regions to give every child access to free education. The team at Push were so impressed with how they partner with local communities to develop primary schools and teach the unreached. Through their work, they are able to make sustainable changes that will support future generations and empower children to build a better life and lift their families out of poverty.

United World Schools is delighted to have been selected as a successful applicant for the UK Aid Match programme. During their UK Aid Match appeal, which will run between 29th April and 29th July 2021, for every £1 donated to us by an individual living in the UK, the UK government will also contribute £1 of UK aid.

As part of the United Worlds Schools UK Aid Match appeal, UWS is launching The 180 Challenge to help us turn children’s lives around through education.

Why the 180 challenge?

Amir lives in a remote village in the foothills of the Himalayas, Nepal. At only 10 years old, Amir only chance to go to school means walking 180 minutes every day to and from school; that’s three hours of clambering up steep hills and through dense vegetation to attend a government school.


In reality, this means Amir doesn’t often get to go to school. He is one of the 11.3 million children in South Asia who is out of education. In his region of Nepal, less than a third of the population completes primary school.

Amir deserves the same opportunities as every other child.

As part of the 180 challenge, the Push team has decided to walk 18,000 kilometres collaboratively between the 29th of April – 29th of July. We will be measuring the daily distance we walk, doing group walks at the weekends, encouraging lunchtime walks all to hit our target. For us to reach our target, each member of the Push team will need to walk 4 kilometres each day for the three month period.

As you may already know, our core values at Push are: Always being ahead, being open, acting fast and creating a family-like environment with our clients. That said, we believe that taking on this initiative as a team will help us support our customer throughout the next 3 months. If you want to see how we are doing/support us, please visit and donate here.


Shahnaz Maktabi & Flora Rowe

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