Push is now an Amazon Advertising partner!

Push is now an Amazon Advertising partner!

August 4, 2021
Push Perspective

We have seen some amazing results on Amazon with our eCommerce customers this year, remember that:

  • 65% of UK Shoppers START their searches on Amazon, not Google.
  • Amazon ads still have low CPCs (cost per click bids) on their ad platform.
  • You no longer have to be on Prime to compete on Amazon.
  • Your competitors are on there!
  • 90% of all UK shoppers use Amazon.
  • Amazon Works! However, you must optimise your listings and have a go-to-market strategy.

Since starting the project in May 2020, our Amazon Ads channel offering has grown significantly. We now work with a range of clients across different industries from grocery to gifting, in the UK, Germany, and the USA.

Amazon recently launched a Partner Network and we are proud to be one of their initial partners so they will give us more help and assistance that we can pass on to our customers.

The Amazon Advertising partnership will allow us to enhance our service offering for our clients as we continue to develop our expertise on this platform and grow our clients’ business online.

Amazon now provides us:

  • Best practices and case studies that show how to grow sales on the Amazon platform at speed
  • Training on the latest techniques to boost branding on Amazon that we can cover with our customers
  • Access to developer resources and BETAs to ensure our customers are ahead of the competition



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