Push has been named a 2022 Google Premier Partner

Push has been named a 2022 Google Premier Partner

February 3, 2022
Push Perspective

London, Dubai & Athens based digital agency Push has achieved 2022 Premier Partner status in the Google Partners programme.

This puts Push in the top 3% of Google Partners in all the regions we operate in.

The Push team of experts provides PPC, SEO, lead generation and website services for companies that want to grow their business quickly. Explore the full range of our offerings here.

Steve Hyde, Push CEO said, “Being in the top 3% of Google Partners gives our customers a huge advantage in the markets they focus on. Specifically, it allows our clients access to the latest innovations from Google as well as rapid responses to help them grow fast and beat their competition”.

Google recognised the achievements of top-performing digital marketing partners across the globe by awarding Premier Partner status as part of the new Google Partners programme. The Google Partners programme has undergone significant changes for 2022, including redefining what it means to be a Premier Partner through new, advanced programme requirements and offering new Premier Partner benefits to support growth and success with Google Ads.

Davang Shah, Senior Director, Google Ads Marketing stated “’Congratulations to our Premier Partners for being among the top 3% of Google Partners. These companies stand out based on their commitment to developing product expertise, building new client relationships and helping their current clients to grow. We look forward to supporting them as they help their customers succeed online.”

The Push mission is to empower companies by providing them with innovative tools, resources and support to exploit digital growth. The program helps our customers by:

  • Access to BETAs – Launch new initiatives first and stay ahead of the competition
  • Advanced support – Quickest and best support from Google to help customers grow
  • Dedicated Google staff for our top accounts – Joint business plans for our top accounts so Google are invested in their success as well as joint meetings with Google
  • Consumer insights reports – Access to global consumer insights to inform business decisions and unlock strategic conversations with clients.

New customers can also benefit from promotional offers giving budgets a boost with Google Ads credits.

We’re proud of our team‘s achievement in earning Premier Partner status and look forward to our continued partnership with Google.

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