Powering up performance with the 'Meta Advantage+' ad solution

Powering up performance with the 'Meta Advantage+' ad solution

Suzanne Luong
April 23, 2023
Social Media

Since Meta’s platform and privacy changes, advertisers using Meta’s platforms are seeking ways to improve ad performance and accomplish business objectives.

Last year, Meta introduced Meta Advantage, which allows advertisers to enhance specific aspects of their manual campaign setup and provides a new Advantage+ feature which automates the entire campaign.

We have tested and compiled the best practices for using Meta’s Advantage+ products.


Use Advantage+ Shopping campaigns to drive online sales

Advantage+ Shopping campaigns are optimised across multiple campaign levers including creatives, targeting, placements, and budget, to find the best opportunities to drive conversions. This results in high performing online sales campaigns with very little management.

When we tested an Advantage+ campaign for a watch & jewellery eCommerce business in November, their CPA decreased by 35.78% while ROAS significantly increased by 53.27%

Learn more about our case-study for Advantage+ Shopping campaigns.



Use Advantage+ Creative campaigns to test creatives effectively

Advantage+ Creative campaigns are an easy way to combine a number of creative improvements at a simple single-entry point for enhanced ad performance. This feature shortens the Creative testing time by 30% as it tests 5-10 visuals with 5-7 ad copies at once.

We have tested this campaign type with an HR Lead Generation service and had amazing results with a 20% lower CPA compared to normal campaigns.



Use Tailored Lead campaigns for the lowest CPA

Tailored Leads campaigns locate additional audiences by using an advertiser’s targeting preferences, such as interests, as a guide. Advantage Detailed Targeting dynamically updates and expands your defined audience when it discovers superior performance opportunities.

For one client, this helped us to achieve more leads at a 78% lower CPA.


Wherever the term ‘Advantage’ appears, you can be confident that you’re getting Meta’s most cutting-edge automation and machine learning technology, which is intended to assist you in developing and delivering your most effective campaigns.

If you want to utilise the best new technology to improve your business online performance, get in touch today.

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