Pinterest for Business: How to Tap into the Power of Visual Marketing

Pinterest for Business: How to Tap into the Power of Visual Marketing

April 21, 2023
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Pinterest is a visual social media platform that allows users to discover, save and share images, videos, and GIFs known as “pins”. Pins are organised into collections called “boards”, based on various themes or interests.

With 463 million users worldwide per month, Pinterest has become a valuable tool for brands, bloggers and content creators. In this article, we will delve into the world of Pinterest; exploring its features, the benefits it offers to businesses, and how to develop an effective Pinterest marketing strategy.


Understanding Pinterest and its features

The main elements of Pinterest include pins, boards, and visually engaging content that users can employ to build and manage themed collections.

Serving as a hub for inspiration, ideas and creativity, Pinterest enables users to uncover new content, connect with like-minded individuals, and save pins, boards and profiles for easy access in the future.


The Advantages of Pinterest for Businesses

Maintaining a competitive advantage:
As two-thirds of all Pins originate from business websites, Pinterest is widely used by large and small brands, competitors, and potential customers. Hence, adopting Pinterest can help businesses to remain competitive in their respective industries.

Visual marketing:
On Pinterest, businesses can leverage visual assets such as photographs or infographics as a form of social currency, earning likes and “repins,” which are analogous to shares or retweets on other platforms.

Organisation and increased visibility:
Boards play a crucial role in Pinterest marketing strategies as they enable businesses to categorise their content and increase their visibility on the platform.


Developing an Effective Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Sharing content on Pinterest:
To post on Pinterest, open the app, select the Profile icon, and follow the instructions to create a new pin.

Optimising Pinterest descriptions:
Incorporating your business name into the caption’s first sentence can result in a 54% higher conversion rate for email signups.

Promoting blog content on Pinterest:
Utilising Pinterest to share blog content can lead to increased traffic, greater engagement, and an expanded audience reach.

Boost Your Pinterest Discoverability:
Adding keywords to your Pin title and description makes your content discoverable.


Keeping Abreast of Pinterest Insights and Trends

Stay informed about Pinterest’s insights and trends by visiting the Pinterest Trends page, which provides data on seasonal trends, travel, and keywords, interests and other business-relevant topics.

By monitoring these insights, businesses can adapt their content to be more engaging and pertinent to their target audience. This information can also assist businesses in identifying trending themes or products, allowing them to create content that resonates with their audience and spurs conversions.



In conclusion, using Pinterest for business marketing provides numerous advantages such as staying competitive, capitalising on visual marketing, organising content for improved visibility, and promoting blog posts on the platform.

Furthermore, by delving into and leveraging Pinterest’s capabilities, businesses can connect with a wide network of potential customers and enhance their online presence. A well-designed Pinterest marketing strategy enables businesses to utilise the power of this visual platform to drive traffic, generate leads, and ultimately grow their brand.

While Pinterest is centered around captivating visuals, your content strategy should also incorporate strategic copy and pertinent keywords. Keep in mind that Pinterest functions as a search engine, so your SEO efforts need to be top-notch for each piece of content.

Distinct from other social media platforms, Pinterest content has an extended lifespan, which allows brands to connect with audiences long after the content is initially published – virtually forever!

Stay ahead in the competitive landscape and maximise your marketing endeavors by embracing the opportunities provided by Pinterest.

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