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Q3 has been a busy period getting our tech ready for the inevitable rush of paid ads data come Black Friday. We’ve made a huge range of updates to our in-house tool as a result of answers directly from you, our customers.

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1. More platforms to compare and plan your marketing budgets!

“Where do I invest my marketing budget?” is the question adinvestor was built to answer. With platforms like TikTok, Pinterest and Amazon taking the market by storm it became obvious to add this data into our platform.

You can now compare Google, Microsoft, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Amazon, LinkedIn and Snapchat all in one place!



2. Your best performing ad by channel

As social platforms grow their market share and platforms such as Google/Microsoft focus on smart campaigns, understanding ad performance is key to generating better results.

adinvestor now lets you view your best serving ad per channel and campaign!



3. Are your conversions / revenue on track compared to targets?

Harnessing our algorithm for predicting end of month spend, our customers wanted a way to understand if they were on track to reach their monthly conversion or revenue goals by channel – so we added this in.

Are your conversions / revenue on track compared to targets?


4. See your competitor’s ads – V2!

adinvestor now lets you see your competitor’s ads by entering their URL and scanning Google for their ads!


The Golden Quarter

Q4 is what we call the “Golden Quarter” it’s when users spend more, data is collected in abundance and you do not want anything to be broken! After 15 years of doing this, trust us we know.

We’re using this quarter to scope out completely new features like Budget opportunities, Creative ads reports for social platforms and integrating Google Analytics user and revenue data.


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