New Instagram Ads: Reminder and Search Ads

New Instagram Ads: Reminder and Search Ads

March 23, 2023
Social Media

Instagram continues to evolve as a powerful marketing platform, and as a business, staying updated with its latest features and tools is crucial to maximising your reach and engagement.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss two new advertising options that Instagram is testing – Reminder Ads and Ads in Search Results – and how you can effectively utilise them to enhance your marketing campaigns.


Reminder Ads: Re-engage Your Audience

Instagram is introducing Reminder Ads, which allow businesses to retarget users who have shown interest in their promotions or products. These ads remind potential customers of your offerings, increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

Utilising this feature allows you to enable reminders, which are sent one day prior to the event, 15 minutes before it begins, and at the event’s start time.


Image from Instagram blog


Ads in Search Results: Reach a Broader Audience

Instagram has begun allowing businesses to insert ads into the feed displayed when users click on a post in the platform’s search results. This update is currently in the testing phase, but Instagram intends to roll out the new ad placement worldwide “in the upcoming months.”

With Instagram’s Reminder Ads and Ads in Search Results, businesses will have more opportunities to reach and re-engage potential customers. By leveraging these new ad placements, businesses will be able to enhance their marketing campaigns, increase conversions, and grow their brand on Instagram.

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