Modern Search But NOT as you know it...

Modern Search But NOT as you know it...

March 15, 2022
Paid Search

The term “Modern Search” can’t help but make marketers think of how search marketing has evolved.

With several updates over the past couple of years alone, it is increasingly apparent that Search marketing is changing.

Thanks to the rise of machine learning, marketers have been able to automate the management of Search campaigns through sophisticated rules for smarter bidding, custom scripts, tracking, tagging and much more. But the evolution of AI through Search is also evolving.

As an “oldie” Search marketer, I’ve seen algorithms change and countless updates to things like approvals and quality scores, ultimately producing more relevant results for searchers, and for our clients. Fast forward to today, and Google is synonymous with the concept of Search.

However, “Modern Search” is a term that Search marketers will be hearing more of in 2022, and is defined as an approach to a simplified structure.

This is going to come as a shock to a lot of marketers, when what we’ve been doing all these years *arguably* is constructing well thought out, ordered and neat structures. We are used to these (more often than not) super meticulous structures being the all-important element for “matching” keyword searches with the most relevant ad copy and landing page, to achieve a smooth user experience for our searchers in Google.

Example Google Ads dummy structure:


However, with the “Modern Search” approach, we will have to take a step back from the meticulous account structure and account ‘hand holding’, to instead side with Google’s focus on simplified set ups and letting Machine Learning do its thing. This means that management of campaigns and the growth of automation is no doubt increasingly out of the box.

Automation of campaigns has multiple benefits. Not only is it time saving, but reduces costs, helps to scale and improve performance, all whilst running 24/7 at a much faster pace than a human! So whether you have 5 keywords or 5 million keywords, automation can manage them all.

So, here’s 4 steps to start your Modern Search Google Ads approach:

  1. Consolidate your traffic to fewer, larger ad groups and campaigns
  2. Broaden your match types (under Smart Bidding)
  3. Maximise your coverage and incremental reach with Dynamic Search Ads
  4. Leverage Responsive Search Ads and other dynamic features for creatives

Most importantly, let machine learning do its thing, crunch the data and optimise.

As advertisers we can now embrace technology and adapt to the changing advertising landscape, whilst taking advantage of automation to manage some of our more tedious tasks!

Push are testing the Modern Search approach with a few of our clients (across different verticals) and are excited to give feedback on how they’ve performed, so watch this space!

If you want to know more about Modern Search, get in touch with us today!

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