Microsoft Store Ads Now Available in More Than 150 Regions

Microsoft Store Ads Now Available in More Than 150 Regions

June 19, 2023

Microsoft Store Ads, which allow developers to promote their apps built for Windows, are now available on Bing search results.

Image Credit: Microsoft Advertising Blog

To set up Microsoft Store Ads for your app, you will need to:

  1. Contact your Microsoft Advertising account manager or Microsoft Store representative.
  2. Publish your Windows app in the Microsoft Store.
  3. Set the Ad Distribution Controls to All if you want your ad to appear in Bing Search results as well.

Microsoft has also announced some new features coming soon for Microsoft Store Ads:

  • Premium Search Ads: A visual and prominent ad placement in the Microsoft Store to help advertisers drive more downloads.
  • Microsoft Advertising Software Development Kit (SDK): A tool to re-target audiences on the Microsoft Network based on their app behaviour.
  • Simplified user interface: A new design that allows advertisers to link their apps with one click and easily access app information, analytics, and performance reports.

You can learn more about Microsoft Store Ads in their official announcement:

If you need help with setting up your Microsoft Ads account, please get in touch.

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