Microsoft Advertising Introduces a New Way to Track Conversions Across Devices

Microsoft Advertising Introduces a New Way to Track Conversions Across Devices

June 28, 2023
Paid Search

Microsoft Advertising is revolutionising conversion tracking with its latest innovation: a cross-device attribution model.

This new approach enables advertisers to seamlessly track and link customer conversion paths across multiple devices, offering a more comprehensive understanding of the conversion journey.

If a customer views an ad on their laptop and later makes a purchase on their phone, the conversion will be credited to the original ad click on the laptop. This attribution helps advertisers identify the ads that lead to conversions, enabling them to refine their campaigns effectively.

Here are some additional details about the new cross-device attribution model:

  • It uses machine learning to track and connect customer journeys across devices.
  • It is more accurate than previous attribution models, which only tracked conversions on the device where the ad was clicked.
  • It is expected to result in a small increase in conversions for advertisers. According to Microsoft, cross-device attribution can increase conversions by up to 15% for advertisers.

If you are an advertiser using Microsoft Advertising, you should be aware of this update and monitor your performance reports to see if you see an increase in conversions.

If you are interested in using the new cross-device attribution model, sign up for Microsoft Advertising today and get started.

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