Microsoft Ads Allows you to use Static Headlines with DSA Campaigns

Microsoft Ads Allows you to use Static Headlines with DSA Campaigns

March 29, 2021
Paid Search

Dynamic Search Ads are one of the most powerful tools Microsoft Advertising offers.

When it comes to building out a keyword list for your search campaigns, it is a very time consuming and annoying part, but Dynamic Search Ads makes it easy and hassle-free for you to reach your customers without putting in too much effort. DSAs are not fruitful for every account, but when they work, they do it really well.

Benefits of Dynamic Search Ads:

  1. Save Time
  2. Control your Ads
  3. Show relevant and dynamic generated headlines
  4. Capture additional Traffic

A lot of advertisers were not able to take full advantage of the great powers of DSAs. Headlines of Dynamic Search Ads being dynamically generated based on the user search terms & content of your website. So, there was no way one could get full control of the ads that were being created.


Now, Microsoft has officially announced that Advertisers can now create Static Headlines for Dynamic Search Ads. It is available in all markets where DSAs are available. With this unique feature, Microsoft Advertising enables you to get more out of DSAs matching your landing pages to unique search terms while keeping control over your headline.

At the moment, this feature is available through the Dynamic Search Ads page feed. Here you will need to add an additional column to your DSA page feed, which then will specify the specific headline you want to show for a particular URL.

Note: You may see the option to change them through the online interface in future.



Previously, the DSA page feeds only included a column of various URLs from your website with optional custom labels. Now you can have an additional column called “Ad Title” if you want to leverage Static Headlines.

Advertisers that use Dynamic Search Ads are already using customized description lines. The formation of Ad Titles in your page feeds means you can now fully control your DSA ad copy. If you use it, there will be no dynamic text insertion anywhere, which means you won’t need to worry about policy violations.

Now you must be thinking if the descriptions and headlines both are static then what’s Dynamic about DSAs.

Don’t forget, while ETAs & RSAs are leveraging your keyword lists, DSA is serving ads to the users based on the content of your website.

In an ever-changing world where unique search queries and new search trends are regularly emerging, the intelligence of Dynamic Search Ads to grab those unique and long-tail search terms and match them to the relevant content on your website can give you an extensive competing edge in the search advertising landscape.

How do you get started with Static Headlines on DSA?

As said above, if you want to leverage static headlines you will need to use a page feed. Page feeds help you keeping your URLs fresh so that the DSAs display the latest version of your landing page, as well as gives you more control over your ad copies and auto-targets.

Prepare a spreadsheet as shown in the above example image, and to upload it you will require to go to Tools > Business data > Page feeds > Upload.

Once you finish uploading one or multiple page feeds, you’ll need to choose a specific campaign to apply the page feeds by going to settings > navigating to Targeting Source.


Note: Microsoft Advertising will only serve URLs for which a headline has been provided.

Lastly, if you are an advertiser with a shopping feed, you can use that to upload to your DSA page feed. If you keep the product page URLs and remove everything else from the shopping feed, then you can use that as your DSA page feed file by adding a custom label and the Ad title columns.

An Additional Update about Dynamic Search Ads:

A few months ago, Microsoft Advertising announced that you are now able to have standard & dynamic adgroups in the same campaign. This way you can easily import your Google Ads DSA campaigns into Microsoft Ads. As well as can manage them more precisely.



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