Meta For Business’ newest tools to help you generate more leads and connect with your customers

Meta For Business’ newest tools to help you generate more leads and connect with your customers

May 25, 2022
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At the beginning of May, Meta for Business announced a new goal to make conversations between a business and their customers as simple as it is to message their friends and family.

With that in mind, they have developed new tools and ads for businesses to share and connect with their consumers, and generate more, higher quality leads.

Easier Ways To Create Ads That Open A WhatsApp Chat

To seamlessly open conversations with new customers, Meta developed Facebook and Instagram ads that open up a new WhatsApp chat between a business and their new potential customer. These ads have been well received across the board, prompting Meta to now make these ads even faster and easier to create, directly in the WhatsApp Business app.

Two New Features in Meta Business Suite

  1. WhatsApp To Inbox: WhatsApp is joining Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct as a platform for businesses to manage customer messages in Inbox.
  2. Marketing Messages in Messenger: Businesses will now be able to send promotional campaigns directly through Messenger to users who opt in.

Lead Generation Tools

Not only are Meta aiming to improve communication between businesses and their customers, but they are also launching all of the below features to improve the management of incoming leads:

  1. Quote request on Instagram: Currently under testing, businesses will now be able to add a “Get Quote” button on their Instagram profile for free! This will also allow businesses to use “Get Quote” stickers in their Stories.
  2. Lead filtering with Instant Forms: Lead filtering will now be added to Lead Ads Instant Forms. Responses on these forms can be analysed so that businesses can prioritise the hottest leads.
  3. Creative flexibility: More creative flexibility is being added to Instant Forms, allowing businesses to personalise their visuals and content.
  4. Gated content: Businesses will be able to provide exclusive content and resources to those who have completed a Lead Ads Instant Form.
  5. Partner integrations: Lead information will now be available to download directly into your own CRM.

We are really excited to see how all of these new features will enhance how our clients interact with customers. Speak to us today to learn more about how they can work for you!

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