Unlocking Pinterest for Business: Essential Strategies for Success

Unlocking Pinterest for Business: Essential Strategies for Success

Natalia Chronowiat
May 30, 2023
Social Media

I recently had the pleasure of joining Lauren Goodman on an episode of the Content Collective Podcast where we took a deep dive into a marketing tool that’s powerful, yet often overlooked – Pinterest.

Working in this dynamic digital space, has allowed me to gain a wealth of experience in marketing, strategy, and social media campaigns.

Through my exciting journey with Push, and the invaluable interactions with our wide array of customers, I’ve discovered the remarkable benefits that Pinterest offers. As a unique visual discovery platform, Pinterest holds a reservoir of untapped potential that can propel businesses of all types to new heights.


Why Pinterest Is More Than Just a Social Media Platform

Pinterest stands out among the sea of social media platforms due to its unique nature as a visual discovery platform.

Unlike other platforms where users consume content passively, Pinterest users are actively looking for inspiration, ideas, and information. In fact, Pinterest often serves as the starting point for many users when they’re considering a change or planning a project, whether it’s home decor, fashion, or gardening.

This distinction makes Pinterest a goldmine for businesses and marketers seeking to influence consumers’ decisions at the earliest stage possible​.


The Power of Pinterest in Marketing

Because of its unique role in the consumer decision-making process, Pinterest holds immense potential as a marketing tool. It provides a platform for businesses to interact with potential customers at the moment they’re beginning to consider making a change or a purchase.

With its emphasis on visual content, Pinterest allows brands to present their products and services in a visually appealing, engaging manner, thus creating a lasting impression on potential customers.

This early engagement on Pinterest can lead to brand recall, which is invaluable when customers finally decide to make a purchase​​.


Reaching a Broad Spectrum of Customers

The wide-ranging utility of Pinterest is evident in the diversity of its user base. From individuals planning their weddings to those looking for unique DIY ideas, Pinterest caters to a wide variety of interests and needs.

Consequently, businesses from a broad spectrum of industries can find their target audience on Pinterest. Whether you’re a fashion brand, a jewellery retailer, a skincare line, or even an insurance company, Pinterest provides a platform to reach out to and engage with potential customers.

This opens up possibilities for businesses in sectors not traditionally associated with visual marketing to leverage the power of Pinterest​​.


The Unique Journey of the Pinterest User

Pinterest users embark on a unique journey every time they visit the platform. Unlike users on other platforms who know exactly what they’re looking for, Pinterest users often start with a vague idea or feeling.

They rely on Pinterest to help them refine their ideas and make decisions. This provides businesses with a unique opportunity to guide potential customers on their journey, helping them figure out what they want, and ultimately influencing their decisions.

By posting content that resonates with users’ interests and needs, businesses can effectively lead users towards their products or services​​.


Top Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

One of the key takeaways from the podcast is the importance of understanding the unique journey of the Pinterest user for businesses.

Businesses should aim to create content that inspires and guides users, helping them define their needs and wants. By doing so, they not only advertise their products but also build a connection with their potential customers.

This involves not just creating visually appealing content, but also ensuring that the content is aligned with what users are looking for. This could mean posting DIY ideas for a home improvement store or outfit inspirations for a fashion brand.

The key is to understand the Pinterest user journey and create content that enhances that journey​.


Harnessing the Potential of Pinterest

Exploring Pinterest’s potential on the Content Collective Podcast underlines its unique capabilities as a visual discovery engine that fosters user inspiration and exploration. This uniqueness provides businesses with early access to potential customers during their decision-making process.|

Businesses across sectors – from fashion to insurance – can leverage Pinterest to reach a broad spectrum of clients. Success hinges on understanding the Pinterest user journey, developing content that speaks to their needs, and guiding them towards your offerings.

By creating visually engaging content that aligns with user intent, businesses can connect with potential customers, influence their decisions, and ensure brand recall during purchase. In the rapidly changing digital landscape, the unique opportunities Pinterest offers are significant and largely untapped.

I’m grateful to Lauren and the Content Collective Podcast for the opportunity to share these insights and illuminate the power of Pinterest. It was an honour to share strategies that could help businesses leverage this distinctive platform. I can’t wait to see more businesses tap into its potential.

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