Keeping It Hygge In Lockdown

Keeping It Hygge In Lockdown

October 29, 2021

We had the challenge to drive sales volume in a competitive category with larger players during an off-peak time of year. We implemented a full-funnel strategy to build brand awareness and drive an increase in sales in the UK for an independent homeware brand.

We used Sponsored Display for reach and re-engagement both on and off Amazon, Sponsored Brands to reach customers in the discovery phase on the site, and we also used Sponsored Products campaigns to reach customers in the research phase.

The automated solution we used was Teikametrics to manage Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products campaigns through smart bidding and keyword actions, while we managed Sponsored Display targeting manually.

The Results

  • Total Sales increased 7%
  • Ad Sales increased 18%
  • Impressions grew 25%
  • Clicks grew 45%

The client has since expanded their Amazon Advertising into France and Germany marketplaces.

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