It’s Official! Microsoft beats Google to be the exclusive ad platform for Netflix

It’s Official! Microsoft beats Google to be the exclusive ad platform for Netflix

July 21, 2022
Paid Search

If you haven’t already heard the news, video streaming service, Netflix, has chosen Microsoft as their ad partner for their new ‘Lower-Priced Service With Ads’. Microsoft (Often still referred to as Bing in the advertising world) beat off competition from Google and Comcast to seal the deal last week.

The new service will not impact anyone currently subscribed to Netflix (so no, you won’t suddenly start seeing ads!) and a user will need to manually amend their subscription to move to this package.

So what does it mean for advertisers?

Unfortunately there are no further details on how the advertising or the new Netflix service will work or be priced. However it’s exciting news for Microsoft and advertisers looking to expand their repertoire with the platform from search and MSAN (Microsoft Audience Network).

We’d expect, similar to Youtube, video only ad formats but length, frequency and bidding models are all open to guessing at this point in time.

As soon as we know more we’ll share!

But in the meantime, if you aren’t already advertising on Microsoft, then read our blog to find out 8 reasons why you need be using Microsoft Advertising to grow your business!

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