It's Getting Serious — We're Facebook Official

It's Getting Serious — We're Facebook Official

September 28, 2019
Push Perspective

We are very pleased to announce that Push is now an official Facebook Preferred Partner.

It goes without saying that this is a pure testament of teamwork and true ambition. We are one of the first agencies within the UK to be vetted for this Partnership, as Facebook has recognised our strong focus on setting-up campaigns that are results-driven.

Like in any relationship, the real gratification comes from seeing it grow out of nothing and nurturing it to reach new heights. This is not a story of a one-man-band growing from the back of a garage, as we were in a very strong position when we started developing Facebook as a new product. We had 10 years of excelling within Google Ads and winning more Premier awards than any other Google channel partner. At Push, we have developed highly focused expertise of each platform which means we can grow SMEs across multiple channels within multiple markets. Without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges was our mindsets internally in terms of what we expected from a new platform. However, with a growing portfolio of customers, we managed to find our beat and understand Facebook’s potential for incremental business growth.

What are the benefits of a Facebook Partnership?

  • Tools – Analytics reports, advertiser spend optimisation recommendations
  • Resources – What’s new product updates, promotional offers, measurement best practice & materials
  • Training – Range of virtual training will be rolled out
  • Support – Priority issue resolution, technical support, creative consultations
  • Events – Future events at FB, creative workshops
  • Recognition – Partner badge and listing in FB directory

If you are an existing Push customer, you can rest assured that we will continue to be ahead with this partnership meaning that you will be the first to know about any BETAs, get direct creative support, test new platform features and moreover get direct access to Facebook to comment on your own growth strategy. If you are not a Push customer, then now is the time to get in touch to see how we can grow your business. It is important to take note that achieving this rating is not only dependent on optimised spend levels, but also on optimal usage of the platform across all accounts on an ongoing basis.

This only reflects the Push mindset, that we will not stop until we have reached the next level and as we are taking a moment to be grateful of how far we have come, we are preparing ourselves to reach the next target.


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