Introducing Advantage+: Meta’s New Shopping Campaign Type

Introducing Advantage+: Meta’s New Shopping Campaign Type

November 16, 2020
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If you’re a frequent visitor of Meta Ads Manager, you may have noticed some renaming to your favourite features. Using Campaign Budget Optimisation? You may find it under the Advantage campaign budget. Catalogue ads used in your ads? Called Advantage+ creative for catalogue. You may wonder, why would Meta do it… Is it only for the purpose of renaming things or is there an actual change to the system that comes with fancier names?

The above products are now part of the Advantage+ suite, a new system Meta has been working on tirelessly over the past months. The biggest part of this launch is a new campaign type called Advantage+ Shopping which is supposed to fix all problems you experienced following the Apple iOS Privacy Update in April 2021.

What is Advantage+ Shopping?

Advantage+ Shopping Campaign, or ASC as referred to by Meta, is a new campaign type using a completely new machine learning algorithm. Your current campaigns’ algorithm relies on data gathered by each of your ad sets to optimise. The data is gathered via Pixel tracking and/or offline conversion tracking if you have that setup.

The new machine learning gathers data on the campaign level and uses a projective algorithm that estimates consumer value as they progress through their journey – from first seeing your ad to converting, regardless of the number of steps or touch points they require.

How do I set it up?

In order to find whether your account has access to this feature, simply create a new campaign, select Sales objective and choose Advantage+ Shopping option. If you can’t see this yet, don’t worry, it won’t be long!


If you tried to nail your Google PMAX campaign, this will actually be very familiar to you! More automation and less control is the main message here, and the promise of much better results as the system is supposed to have more control based on data.

The Advantage+ Shopping campaign is one campaign with only one ad group and a number of ads you upload. In just one click, you can upload all your best-performing ads on the account but you also have the option to create additional ads.

If you used to think about your Meta strategy in terms of funnels, this will be tough to get used to! The ad group is actually a broad audience without any exclusions (you can adjust your age, gender and location). You have one ad group targeting all your funnels at once and you cannot fully control the budget split between them.

As part of the audience setting on this campaign, you can identify your existing customer audience (manual customer list or based on Pixel data). This is to help you track the spend between new and existing customers. Set it up and run!

Some tips and tricks for testing!

When to test it? Depending on how much budget you have, try testing this new campaign type during your sale period or wait until Boxing Day when the cost of advertising drops. Try to be quick! Since it is a new feature, you will get the advantage of cheaper CPCs if you test it ahead of everyone.

How to test it? Run your new campaign, alongside the conventional campaign structure. You can set it up as a test to compare results more easily.

How long do I run the test? Ensure your new campaign has enough time to optimise and get traction for the test to be fair. Ideally run for at least 4 weeks before comparing the results to ensure you have sufficient data.

If you want to know more about Advantage+ then get in touch today.

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