From Understanding Masterpieces to Analysing Digital Accounts

From Understanding Masterpieces to Analysing Digital Accounts

June 24, 2019
Push Perspective

Hello, my name is Flora and I am one of the newest Pushlings. I started at Push after spending the past 4 years at university in St Andrews, Scotland. While Art History may not seem like the most obvious foundation for PPC, surprisingly I have found that the analytical skills I used to understand masterpieces have been an invaluable tool for analysing our accounts.

I started at Push six months ago and have spent this time learning the ropes. I think it is fair to say that when I started, it was painful for anyone who had to endure my awkward phone manner. However, with A LOT of guidance from the team, phone calls are now a breeze. (Albeit a face to face conversation is still fairly awkward).


For those who haven’t recently endured the graduate recruitment process, it is undoubtedly soul-crushing. That is unless you apply for Push. While ‘training’, ‘mentoring’, and ‘personal development’ are buzzwords readily thrown around as hooks for potential employees, Push doesn’t just have these features as taglines, nor as perks of the jobs but rather, training is at the heart of the company. And it’s not just picking up the phone that the team helped me with, the whole company weekly training means that no one ever stops learning about PPC, business, or how to boost your day to day performance.

When I was asked to write a little something on myself, The team suggested I let you know about my interests and likes. As well as seeing art, I love to go to gigs, plays, see friends (who doesn’t though?), to cook, to read, listen to podcasts, go hiking, skiing, sailing, and exploring. Essentially I love nothing more than to be busy; It would be an understatement to say that I am merely energetic. Luckily though, that is needed in the strategy development team. Alongside Jasleen, Shana, Mohit and Renisha, I work with setting up and optimising all the new accounts that come to Push and assist the account managers in the first 5 months of the account going live to make sure that we get the results you want!

To guarantee that your accounts have the best possible foundation, the three of us are tirelessly energetic. At the core, this role requires acute attention to detail, an obscene amount of organisation, passion and a fair amount of chasing up details! I am honestly so grateful to work with such kick-ass women (and man) who are truly dedicated, smart, and driven. Trust me when I say that you’re lucky to have your account in their hands.



Push is a results-driven agency but work isn’t all that Pushlings do. While the monthly socials are a highlight, lunch in the office is one of my favourite things about working at Push. While it does involve some delicious vegan dishes, spicy curries or questionable kebabs, the lunch tables are also at the heart of Push life. Each morning before work, it’s where everyone catches up about their weekend over coffee and cereal and at lunch is the stage for the most amusing and engaging discussions.

I am sure that you have heard much about Push being ‘diverse’ but the best place to witness this is at lunch where debates on veganism, cults, Trump’s policies, Love Island, conspiracy theories, global warming, football and Brexit are frequent and occasionally heated affairs. To speak frankly, this is why I love Push. There are no false pretences. Whether you’re sassy, shy or gym obsessed, everyone is accepted for their quirks because essentially, our differences are what make Push as strong as it is.


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