Don’t Make Ads - Make TikToks

Don’t Make Ads - Make TikToks

November 26, 2021
Social Media

Getting the platform, audience and creative right at the same time can be tough.

Let us help you with the insights we got from Tiktok’s Big Ideas Hotel on how to create Tiktoks, not ads, to reach the best audience and engagement within the platform.

This blog will take you through the insights from Big Ideas Hotel, where the Tiktok Creative Lab team brought their insights on effective creative practices, how to change your big idea into a creative that is native to Tiktok.

1. Don’t Disrupt The Experience:

First things first, the Tiktok team found out that the audience demands shifted on digital advertising and they don’t want ads that disrupt their experience, they want something that can enhance the experience and be native. By meaning native, that is embedded within the content in a way that won’t disrupt the fun and enjoyment of the Tiktok, which is preferably full screen and sound on to capture the attention.

According to data 47% of the Tiktok audience, watch Tiktoks without distraction. They don’t CHECK Tiktok they WATCH Tiktok, and native TikToks have 19% more memorability compared to other types of digital advertisement, which is the main difference with the other social media platforms according to the Creative Lab team.

2. Sound On

Secondly, sound is becoming a huge part of digital advertising, the majority of digital advertisement is without sound, which lowers the engagement rate within the audiences.

When sound is used strategically, it can make a great ad, as we are surrounded by sound but because we can’t see it, we underestimate it a lot. Sound moves us faster than any other sense, it has a strong and longer emotional response. We are connecting a more humanly level and 88% of the TikTok audience agreed on this, as they admitted they can’t imagine the app without the sound. Plus, your brand will have more competitor advantage when planning the sound as a basis of your creative on TikTok and will have a lower skip rate by 14% according to the Creative Lab research.

The team also highlights that there are different sound types on TikTok:

  • Commercial / all business accounts have access to this
  • Owned and originals / created uniquely by brands and users

Additionally, the team highlights that it is not necessary to have an existing asset or to use the commercial sound assets, there are other trends on TikTok that can be native and drive engagement to your ads such as:

  • ASMR / calming sensory response sound
  • Recording your own voice
  • Changed / changing or twisting the original sound asset to make it more native within the platform

3. Stop looking for perfection

Get the culture right before you start creating. The TikTok culture is all about joining the community, creative formats are about participation. The best way to create a ‘’viral’’ TikTok is to experience it first to better understand the content and audience.

According to data collected by the Creative Lab team, 45% of the audience think that TikTok ads are more creative, and 33% thinks that the TikTok ads are original.

The app is all about joy, fun, recreating, remaking and inspiration. It is considered as a canvas for bold ideas, not just a dance floor. Build on entertainment, not perfection to capture the right audience for your brand and to create more authentic content. When you stop looking for perfection, you unlock creativity and authenticity on TikTok.

Additionally, make your ads good and short, capture attention faster with longer memorability.

4. Creators, Not Influencers

Tiktok is redefining the influence, now we are seeing a new generation of storytellers. Influencers to creators is a huge shift within the marketing scene, and the creators are all about creativity and their ability to share ideas in a uniquely authentic way. In TikTok democratization is the key as anyone can become a creator, even pets! Plus there is a variety of creators for each one of us, each one of the brands.

On TikTok, audiences have a common community that they feel they are part of so creators are the option for them. It creates trust, as well as the creators know the language, are live on the platform and know what their community wants.

Creator Groups on TikTok:

  • Macro / Micro
  • Amateurs/ Professionals
  • Mainstream / Niche

Now you can pick the best creator for your brand within the Creator Library on TikTok with the help of your TikTok rep.

5. Budgets + Branded Content

The best part about TikTok is you don’t need a huge budget to create on TikTok, the entry barrier is really low. With this being the advantage, the audiences are looking for challenges, different filters and unique formats from your brand on TikTok. 25% of the TikTok audience wants a brand to take on a trend or challenge and admits that the brand recall will be higher when engaging within the brand through the challenges, hashtags or filters. Make sure that you keep the branded content relevant to your objective while editing your native as the TikTok way and don’t be scared to use text overlays, CTA and additional filters to highlight the exclusivity of your offer.

6. Collaboration

According to TikTok audience data:

  • Connection – 62% agree that creative collaboration is the best way to connect brands with customers.
  • Interest – 54% agree that creator collaborations are the type of collaboration that they want to see from brands.
  • Purchase Intent – 51% agreed that this is higher when they see a brand collaborating with a creator on TikTok.
  • Trust – 50% agreed that the trust is higher on products that are being used by creators they love.

7 – Performance

The Creative Lab put together some insights on performance:

  • 1 – 63% of the video content have a higher CTR (click-through-rate) when showing off a product or a message straightaway.
  • 2 – Life hacks and benefits videos have a 13% higher engagement rate.
  • 3 – 47% of videos with the highest VTR (view-through rate) have an emotional appeal.
  • 4 – Creator collaborations bring 75% more CTR, 38% more VTR and %139 more engagement rate.

If you think these insights were useful and want more information or need support on your TikTok ads, get in touch with us today.




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