Did you know that we also design and build awesome websites?

Did you know that we also design and build awesome websites?

April 4, 2020

In fact, Push started life as a web design and development agency, so we’ve been building highly converting landing pages and websites for longer than we care to remember!

Why do I need to update my website?

It’s important to update your website content regularly, but this alone is not enough.  In the same way that technology evolves, so does your business and the needs of your customers.  You should be looking to redevelop your website every few years.

Can a poor website impact your Google Ads campaign?

It’s not unusual for a user to click on multiple ads to see what is available and then return to the site that is the most appealing.

If your site doesn’t look as good as your competitors or if it doesn’t have great customer experience, you may find that they are not taking the desired action. Whether that be making a purchase, submitting a form or some other action.  So having a poor website can adversely affect your conversions.

We always find it surprising that businesses will spend £10-£100k a month on ad spend but get nervous when considering a new website for £7-£10k which will serve their business for many years. New sites/landing pages or CRO packages can easily double conversion rates. This means cutting costs by 50% or doubling sales/leads for the same spend. There is a finite amount of search traffic that will convert and the more you expand the lower your conversion rates drop.

The importance of site speed

Your ads may drive plenty of traffic to your website, however, if it is taking longer than 3 seconds to load, you’ll lose more than 50% of your visitors.  Which put simply, means that you are spending double for your traffic!

When we build websites for our clients, page speed is an important consideration not only for the reasons above, but also to improve both your Ad Rank with Google and your user experience.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider developing a new website:

  • Your CMS isn’t giving you the functionality you need
  • Competitor sites look and work much better than yours
  • Compatibility issues with the latest browsers, devices and technologies
  • Your site isn’t ranking organically on search engines
  • A site built with the latest technologies will be less likely to be hacked

Why should Push build your new website?

Push has a team of UK designers and developers with many years of experience in producing great looking and high converting websites for both lead generation and full eCommerce sites.

We manage over £20 million of Google Ad spend each quarter and we know how to develop a site that converts and provides amazing results.

We offer a no-obligation and free of charge web proposal that will show you how we can transform your website. This is a detailed proposal that outlines our project strategy for your business website.

Push has many great case studies where we transformed results. We doubled the conversion rates for a cybersecurity business, increased the conversion rate from 1.18% to 4.7% for a care home company and for a high tech drone firm we achieved a conversion rate of 9.09%.

At Push, every project we undertake includes:

  • A dedicated Project Manager to oversee the design and development of your new website and provide a bi-weekly call to update you on progress
  • Competitor analysis and keyword research for SEO
  • Professional and bespoke designed website (we don’t use templates)
  • Responsive design so your site looks great on any device and is built for mobile devices.
  • We use revolutionary eye-tracking software to help target audiences attention to the intended areas of the specific page.
  • The website goes through a conversion analysis process from wireframe to design to the user journey.
  • We set up your contact forms and integrate them with CRM systems if required
  • SSL certificate that secures the information your staff and users exchange with the website.
  • We implement privacy policies, cookie policies, terms and conditions and ensure your site is GDPR compliant
  • We can also provide hosting and reporting

If you are interested in finding out more about our website design and build services please get in touch today.



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