ChatGPT Enterprise: Why It's a Big Deal for Businesses

ChatGPT Enterprise: Why It's a Big Deal for Businesses

Nemash Patel
Marketing Strategist
August 30, 2023

We know that in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. One technology that has been making waves is OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

While its capabilities are undeniably powerful, many businesses have been hesitant to fully embrace it due to security concerns. Data breaches are a real threat in today’s digital age, and the last thing any business wants is to compromise sensitive information.

OpenAI has just launched a new and improved version of ChatGPT called ChatGPT Enterprise, which promises to ease these security concerns and more.  Find out what you need to know about ChatGPT Enterprise and why you need to consider it for your business.

A Staggering Adoption Rate

ChatGPT has only been around for nine months but it’s already being used by most of the biggest companies in the U.S. Companies like Block, Canva, and PwC are already reaping the benefits, from crafting clearer communications to accelerating coding tasks and more.


Security at its Core

ChatGPT Enterprise places a strong emphasis on enterprise-grade security and privacy, a crucial feature in today’s digital age where data breaches can be devastating.

The platform not only encrypts all conversations to protect them from unauthorised access, but it also boasts SOC 2 compliance.

This means an independent auditor has verified that the platform meets high standards for security, availability, and data integrity, giving businesses the confidence they need to safely integrate this AI tool into their operations.


Unleashing the Power of GPT-4

ChatGPT Enterprise isn’t just secure; it’s incredibly powerful. With unlimited access to GPT-4, the platform performs up to two times faster than its predecessor.

The extended 32k token context windows allow for processing four times longer inputs, making it a versatile tool for a myriad of tasks, from financial analysis to data science.


Customisation and Collaboration

OpenAI has also introduced shared chat templates, allowing teams to collaborate and build common workflows. This feature is a game-changer for businesses looking to tailor the AI to their specific needs.

If that’s not enough, OpenAI is even offering free API credits for those looking to create a fully custom solution.


How Much Does It Cost?

OpenAI hasn’t shared exact pricing for ChatGPT Enterprise, but its value is clear. The platform offers unlimited access to its powerful GPT-4 engine and data analysis tools, potentially saving businesses time and money in the long run.

It even includes free API credits for custom solutions. With its strong security features and customisation options, ChatGPT Enterprise is likely a cost-effective choice for companies looking to improve operations and protect data.

For specific pricing, businesses would need to contact OpenAI’s sales team.


What's next?

OpenAI has promised even more features are the pipeline, including secure extensions for ChatGPT’s knowledge base and more tools optimised for specific roles within organisations.

The future looks bright, and it’s clear that ChatGPT Enterprise is poised to be a cornerstone in the evolving landscape of AI-powered business solutions.


An opportunity not to be missed?

ChatGPT Enterprise is more than just a tool; it’s a catalyst for change in the modern workplace. From engineers troubleshooting bugs to marketers analysing survey data, the use cases are virtually limitless.

As Danny Wu, Head of AI Products at Canva, put it, ChatGPT Enterprise has become “a true enabler of productivity, with the dependable security and data privacy controls we need.”

Will your business be upgrading to ChatGPT Enterprise?

To find out more about ChatGPT Enterprise visit the OpenAI website.


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