In an unexpected turn of events on April 23rd, a massive ad delivery glitch hit Meta’s advertising platforms, causing widespread overspending and panic among advertisers on Facebook and Instagram.

Many advertisers have reported overspends of almost double what they would normally be spending on their Meta campaigns. The Wednesday before Meta laid off some 4,000 workers as part of their downsizing, the issues could not have come at a worse time, particularly as competition for audiences is intense from TikTok.

Meta has acknowledged ad delivery issues this week causing major disruptions for many advertisers worldwide and ads running over budget across Facebook and Instagram. This helped a lot with advertisers and account managers who were scrambling for answers, but with very little detail shared:


Issue Affecting Delivery of Ads

We are aware of an issue that began today (April 23, 2023) at 1AM PT that is causing some ads, primarily on Facebook (and to a lesser extent on Instagram) to have higher variability in spend and delivery. We have stopped serving ads on Audience Network temporarily as a result of this issue. Campaign optimizations including offsite conversions, mobile app installs, click-to-messenger or return on ad spend are most likely to be impacted by this issue.

Q: Will there be refunds?
A: We are still investigating the overall impact of this issue, including the possibility of refunds for advertisers. We hope to share more when available.

Q: What caused the issue?
We are still investigating the issue, and are working to understand the cause.

These kinds of glitches can happen on even the largest most established ads platforms. It’s so important to be actively involved in your ad account to monitor for these types of anomalies because they CAN and do happen.


Has your business been affected by this Facebook ads glitch?

Our team of expert account managers are well equipped to protect your investment when these sorts of things happen, saving you time and money – and taking the hassle out of dealing directly with these platforms when issues do arise.

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